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2/11/13 4:20 P

"I feel better, I have more energy. I used to nap during the day and now I don't. I think my legs feel firmer, and I think my 'baby belly' has gone down some, (It's a bit baggy) but I'm still measuring all the same measurements, my clothes feel the same. I do feel better...."

I would say that you should pay more attention to THOSE indicators than the scale :-)

It sounds like whatever you are doing is working, and your clothes in time will start to show the difference. I had to lose around 13kg (approx. 29lb) before I needed to buy new clothes.

Good luck,
Kris xx

2/11/13 4:11 P

With only 10 pounds to lose and setting a goal of 2 pounds lost weekly---you will get a calorie range of 1200-1550. You have also lost a big amount-- 4 pounds already---so the weight loss is going to be slower from now on.

Stay with the plan. I think you will see the scales move slowly, probably about 1/2 pound lost weekly or everyother week.

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/11/13 8:58 A

I'm only trying to lose 10 pounds. I had lost all my post pregnancy weight about a year and a half ago, then put a little back on since then. 3 weeks ago I set a goal to lose the 10 pounds by easter to go swimming with my husbands family. Right off the bat I lost 4 pounds from just changing my eating habits back to healthy, but since I started working out my weight stood still. It's getting too late to lose the full 10, but I'd like to see the scale move again. It hasn't moved in about 2 weeks, right around when I started the kinect games.

I feel better, I have more energy. I used to nap during the day and now I don't. I think my legs feel firmer, and I think my 'baby belly' has gone down some, (It's a bit baggy) but I'm still measuring all the same measurements, my clothes feel the same. I do feel better, but I'd like to lose some weight too. Even if I don't make my Easter goal, I'm in a wedding in June and I'd like the last few pounds gone by then.

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2/11/13 8:21 A

If you have set your program for a 2 pound weekly weight loss---then I am not surprised your calorie range did not change.

While you say that you have not lost weight---for how many weeks has your weight been stable??
How are you feel? How is your energy level?
Do you notice any change in how your clothes (especially jeans) are fitting?

Dietitian Becky

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2/10/13 9:21 P

DESBIGARD, what's your current weight loss goal per week? What's your current weight, and goal weight (or, if you're not comfortable sharing, your total goal remaining to lose?

IF your calorie range didn't change, I wonder if you have your goal set up to be too aggressive.

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2/10/13 7:46 P

I changed my calories expected to burn weekly, to 2000. My calories didn't change.

I am tracking my food, I get between 1400 and 1500 normally. I only go over about once a week.

I eat a lot of fruit, some veggies but not a lot, turkey, chicken and occasionally wheat bread. I stopped drinking pop and sugary drinks. I'll have hot tea a couple times a week.

2/10/13 3:46 P

You need to update your program here at SP, to make sure you have an accurate weight loss calorie range.

Click above on MY TRACKERS, START.
Scroll down the left side and then enter your new calories burned weekly through planned exercise (2000). Save.
Report back your new calorie range.
Also...are you tracking your food intake, how many calories are you consuming daily??

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/10/13 1:20 P

Maybe work on decreasing your daily caloric intake by only 15-20%. This way your body is getting fueled and your not going hungry. I have learned a lot from Tom Venuto and his book, "Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle." It's like the ultimate book to read if you want to burn off the body fat and keep it off for good. He is the one who recommends those percentages. He also recommends techniques like low and high carb days as well as days in which you eat at your caloric maintenance level. Hope this helps!

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2/10/13 1:02 P

Spark people had set me up at 1250 minimum when I started the program, and burning 460 calories a week.
Lately I've been playing the Zumba Rush X-Box Kinect game, and the Biggest Loser game. They tell you how many calories you've burned in a session, and having played each about 4 and 5 times a week, I've been burning closer to 2000 calories a week.

I haven't lost any weight, even though my exercise level has skyrocketed. I'm thinking I'm not eating enough to level out with the new level of exercise. I'm eating healthier than I have in about a year, I'm meeting my protein goals and getting all my fruit and water.

I can't find two calorie calculators that say the same thing. Some say I need 2000 calories, some say I need 900 to lose a pound a week.

Does anyone have any good calorie/exercise ratio advice?

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