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8/24/13 8:45 A

I agree wholeheartedly! I always have a Plan B.

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8/23/13 8:38 P

In life things do go wrong. It pays to always have something to fall back on when you feel the need to bing. We are not dealing with the why here. Do we really need history of your pain to try to change? Let's just move forward. Like a habit, physically we will survive the bad effects of your pain. So, let's get ready for anything! I like to eat! Don't you? I eat for many reasons. So, what's going to fill those holes for me? We all know that foods that fill you up but not out would be a good choice. You won't gain weight when binging is over. And Foods that are natural keep us healthy. So, fill up on home made vegetable soup, and get you minerals, and potassium. Fruits are satisfying, and veins & teeth stay healthy, ect...A bowl of long grain oatmeal will give you fiber, and keep you regular. Just remember your body is your temple, so feed it what it needs for survival. It's not as important how you look on the outside, as inside. Good luck.

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