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2/10/12 10:49 A

can you find alternate exercises you can do indoors, other than mall walking? when I have to travel, I do some basic low impact aerobic exercise in my hotel room (it's amazing how tired and sweaty you can get from just doing lunges, sidesteps, and walking in place!). I do them while watching TV, to keep myself distracted. emoticon don't give up, you can do it!

KARENRAU123 Posts: 184
2/10/12 7:31 A

Keep making small improvements. You can do it!!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,591
2/10/12 12:39 A

Don't quit.

SOULTHIN SparkPoints: (0)
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2/9/12 11:38 P

Hi, I am under my calorie limit, this week has been raining every day and it has been impossible to work out as I wanted, walking the exercise track at a local park. I went to a shopping center and walked around there, (it is not the same), then I got myself a pedometer and made my midgoal to walk more than 5000 and long term goal of 10,000 or 12,000 but i am not sure that it is good.

the pounds are not moving away from me.

CRAGUN47 Posts: 35
2/9/12 9:50 P

I find it helpful to count the number of days of success. I'm 23 days of under my calorie limits. I didn't eat a cookie today because I knew I would go over for the day AND would break my streak.

AMERZ1985 Posts: 98
2/8/12 4:36 P

I am a very private person when it comes to working out. I have a set of dumbbells and a few videos from spark that I enjoy working with, in the privacy of my own room. I have to put it in my mind to schedule in my workout, no matter how busy my schedule may be. Like today, I have two interviews, but I KNOW I will reward myself by working out by the time I'm done with them, to relieve some of the stress. Everyone is different when it comes to working out, you just need to find your own way :)

KARENRAU123 Posts: 184
2/8/12 1:18 P

I go to the gym every day after work. I know that if I go home first, I will never get back to the gym. It is VERY hard some days, but if you really want to loose the weight, you have to loose the excuses too. I try to stay motivated by picturing myself at my goal weight, wearing the kinds of clothes I want to wear, and not the kinds that hide me.

Also, make your workout count. If you are going to make the ffort to exercise, give it your all. No half way! That way, at the end of the week, you are more likely to see results. When you see results, it will encourage you to continue to fight. I find that when I take it easy at the gym, the scale shows it. It's almost like I wasted my time, and nothing is more frusterating than that.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,591
2/8/12 12:26 A

Give yourself credit for ANYTHING you do, such as just signing in to Sparks. Give yourself credit and don't make yourself do to much at first so you just stay with it.

2/6/12 11:15 P

Try to make a just small amount of excersise (start with maybe only 10 minutes a day) one of your daily goals. Stretch while watching TV instead of sitting, little things like that - that will help you get in the habbit. I'm also not a morning person and never have been, but I find (to my GREAT surprise) that working out before I get ready for work has been the BEST thing I could do for myself! The first couple weeks were the hardest - I was lucky my husband worked a VERY early shift, and called me to wake me up when he got to work. Now, 5 weeks in, I want to get up early and excercise - something I never would have thought would happen! emoticon You'll be amazed how much better even a little bit of extra movement will have you feeling emoticon

VALANIS9335 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/6/12 3:20 P

I was the same way! Losing weight is keeping me motivated to do more and lose more. Even when I get home from work I'm exhausted!!! I would usually think " I deserve to relax after such a tough day at work" But that was always my excuse. I also won't lose any weight by not doing anything. You gotta move it to lose it! I read motivational quotes EVERY DAY!
So this is what's helping me... I have found that I am more comfortable going on walks, alone or with a friend. I also walk more when I'm alone. The walking eventually got a little easier, that's when I started to jog. I jog for as long as I am capable trying to keep going further and further each time. Listening to upbeat music helps in motivating me to do a little more. I am also comfortable following a dvd instead of joining a gym. You must make the time and space for it if that's what you decide to do. Stop making excuses!

I hope some of this helps! Good luck!

VAGIRL4 Posts: 4
2/6/12 2:53 P

I have lost 3 pounds and I am excited about that but I am really having a hard time getting started with excising. I am not a person that likes to excise never have been but I know I need to. I am not a morning person so doing it before I go to work is out of the question and after work I always find an excuse not to. So I am kind of between a rock and hard place. Any suggestions on how I can movitate myself to get started?

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