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9/2/10 12:59 A

Hi. I love my wings, and now, the genius angels at Laughing Cow have made......wait for it............Blue Cheese Flavored Light Laughing Cow wedges. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!! I would mix up one of those with some RF sour cream or FF Sour Cream. Delish!!! As for sides, I am addicted to coleslaw mix (just the cabbage) with Galeos miso dressing. Ooo, you could do grilled zuchinni and squash. That is yum a licious, or mashed cauliflower with rf sour cream for creaminess.

I want wings now

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
7/24/10 12:41 A

No side dish suggestions but I just wanna add that I think making healthy versions of your favourite foods is great, and something I do. They are your favourites for a reason, so why not try and make them work for you?

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7/23/10 5:55 P

Sweet potato fries made with a little olive oil and lots of cayenne or paprika on them baked in the oven.

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7/23/10 1:20 P

I will often make a cucumber salad - it does a great job of cooling off the heat of spicy foods. Slice up a couple of cucumbers and one jalapeno pepper (seeded). Mix in a couple of tbsp of red wine vinegar and a tsp of sugar (or splenda). Top it with a few crushed up peanuts. It sounds weird, but it is so good!

7/23/10 10:39 A

Blue cheese coleslaw! Or "regular" coleslaw if you don't care for blue cheese that much. You can make it fairly light and healthful with yogurt, low-fat mayo, or even a vinaigrette dressing instead of a creamy one.

I'm all for splurging/indulging on something like wings (yum!) and having a healthful side dish. I mean, really, just because I have an indulgent entree, I should also have indulgent side dishes? and a dessert? and screw it, while I'm at it I might as well just eat crap for breakfast and lunch that day too...and the next day...? That doesn't make one bit of sense to me.

7/23/10 9:20 A

Every once in a while we bake some wings too. Then I dip mine in hot sauce, such a nice treat with a beer maybe once every 2 months. I have mine with a big salad with red onion, tomato, cukes, spinach, romaine, and a tiny bit of parm, oil and vinegar. I can have this meal in an otherwise sensible day without going over my calories (1200-1550) or fat.

As for the "why bother" comment, that is slippery ground. It's very unbalanced thinking that leads one to just "why bother" eating healthy at all, or exercising, or caring. Surely we can eat a less than perfect meal once in a while without going down that route.
Eating eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, steak, peas and oats may work for some. But most of us are here because we have problems eating healthfully and for the purpose of nourishing our bodies, and we have realized that in order to succeed at attaining health, we cannot completely deprive ourselves of all favorites all the time. The balanced aproach is to find healthier ways to enjoy these in moderation, and that's what the OP is seeking to do.

DANCINGKIWI1986 Posts: 161
7/23/10 8:00 A

Never thought of grilling them...that sounds delish. We don't have a grill so its not exactly possible...but when we do get a grill, I am gonna have to try that.

MIKKIRB Posts: 516
7/22/10 11:18 P

I love wings too, but I've started grilling them and skipping the sauce but using seasonings like cayenne and cajun seasoning for a kick since I'm trying to watch my sodium.

For sides I like, roasted potatoes toss in a little olive oil and seasoning(Mrs Dash has various flavors) as an alternative to fries, pasta salad loaded with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers or a salad of mixed greens. Just got a new recipe for corn salad that was delicious and seems like it would be a good match also.

DANCINGKIWI1986 Posts: 161
7/22/10 11:03 P

Thanx you guys for your suggestions. My aunt recommeded to me trying sweet potato fries...I don't typically like sweet potatoes...but my m om doesn't either and she loves the sweet potato fries...I'll have to try it sometime.

The shredded carrot and cucumber salad sounds actually really good. I am a huge cucumber fan. I don't typically like ranch or bleu cheese dressing with wings...the pasta salad is a good idea too...haven't had a pasta salad in a long time...I don't really know how to make them either...but I appreciate all of your suggestions. Thanx you guys!

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7/22/10 9:53 P has some healthy potato and pasta salad recipes if you're into those, and you could get your creamy dressing fix. Otherwise, a full green salad would accompany your wings well and get your veggies in. If you wanted to steam up some other vegetables like you might for a chicken dinner, I certainly wouldn't judge you. I'd put steamed broccoli next to a piece of birthday cake if I could, eating it with hot wings would be no big thing. Of course, I've also been known to put light blue cheese dressing on baked potatoes in lieu of sour cream, so if you want something more filling than celery but still want your signature dressing flavor, you could try that too.

And I won't judge CCBRAGA, our "dry salad" pusher either... I would DEFINITELY eat a dry salad with hot wings if I couldn't have my steamed broccoli! Not a lettuce salad though... maybe shredded carrots with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and some lemon pepper.

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SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
7/22/10 9:44 P

Sweet Potato oven fries !!
Cut them up, spray some Pam on them and bake...delish.

Tomato, cucumber and feta cheese salad. Add some greek dressing and enjoy !

I also like mixture of brown rice and green peas !

7/22/10 8:32 P

The point of the OP is right there *in* the OP, "I want something a lil more fun then the tradition celery and dressing." What is wrong with having something healthy with her favorite food? Is it wrong to want balance? An "all or nothing" attitude isn't necessary to (a) enjoy a meal, or (b) be successful in becoming a more healthy person. She's quite obviously making a lifestyle change that is sustainable by modifying a traditionally high calorie food to better meet her needs and her tastes.

CCBRAGA Posts: 329
7/22/10 7:44 P

LOL...I dont even know how to let people see my spark page. But let me tell you what I eat, mostly. Eggs, chicken, chicken, chicken, eggs, eggs, chicken, steak, peas, eggs, peas, cottage cheese, steak, cottage cheese, and oats. You get the idea.

Im just saying, why eat something fattening, and then want something "healthy" as a side? Just eat what you want, then get back on your diet.

Lacey-My attitude towards food is the complete opposite of unhealthy. I make healthy decisions everyday, every meal. And yes, I know about eating in moderation. I have cheat days usually once every other week, and I probably consume 4500+ calories those days, so I know all about being satisfied. I dont get the point of the OP...just eat the celery with dip to satisfy, then get back on diet.

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7/22/10 6:55 P

CCBRAGA, there are no junk foods, only junk diets. It seems as though your attitude toward food is less healthy than a calorie-laden treat. Unfortunately you have to deal with that all the time, while we get the choice of when we will consume something we love.

Some good options might be a vinegarette-based coleslaw; a romaine or spinach salad with blue cheese crumble, craisins, and a little olive oil; oven fries or sweet potato fries; broccoli slaw; mushrooms caps baked or grilled with a little light cream cheese & blue cheese stuffing.

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7/22/10 6:34 P

I also agree with Bethany. I love wings and if I could make them healthier with less fat I'd eat them more often. You are allowed to splurge you know. As long as you don't eat pounds of it all the time you will be ok. You should never deny yourelf what you love or you might just crave it more.

...funny how CCBRAGA doesn't allow anyone to see their Sparkpage...

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7/22/10 6:29 P

I can't give up wings either and would never want to. I make them at home and I like to make plain mashed potatoes to dip into. The sauce on the wing flavors the potatoes and the potatoes take a little of the heat out of the sauce. LOVE THEM!!!!

7/22/10 5:54 P

I agree with Bethany!

DANCINGKIWI1986 Posts: 161
7/22/10 3:09 P

Well put Bethany emoticon

BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
7/22/10 2:36 P

CCBRAGA that sounds like a silly attitude. It makes perfect sense to try to balance out something that's a little unhealthy, with a healthy side.

And as with anything else, there are always healthier ways to prepare a traditionally unhealthy dish.

DANCINGKIWI1986 Posts: 161
7/22/10 2:10 P

CCBraga--I have a nuwave which drains off much of the fat, I have an extremly low sodium hot sauce (I am on a low sodium diet anyway cuz of meniere's disease) and if it isn't as "healthy" as maybe you eat...well I am ok with that because I don't let the diet run my life...I eat the things I like, I just do it in a healthier way...I am losing weight, so I am going to continue eating my hot wings. But thanx for the suggestion, I will take it into consideration.

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7/22/10 1:53 P

great salad with romaine, celery, carrots, avacado, and hearts of palm maybe drizzle a little hot sauce to keep up with the theme

7/22/10 1:17 P

Try some whole wheat couscous. Make it with low sodium vegetable broth and add in some mushrooms, peppers, and a little shake of parmesan cheese. You'll be getting some fiber and lots of nutrients from the veggies AND it takes little to no time to make!

CCBRAGA Posts: 329
7/22/10 12:45 P

Whats the point of good and healthy side dish, when you are eating wings, regardless of cooking method?

Dry salad as your side.

LOVELYMRSB Posts: 1,263
7/22/10 12:30 P

I don't know if you like beans at all, but I LOVE edamame (soybeans) with anything and everything. You can get them in the frozen section and I just steam them for 5 minutes to thaw. Then you can dress them up with a little seasoning, whatever you'd like. It doesn't end up being finger food the way celery and dressing is, but they're still a yummy, versatile alternative. Good luck! I also like the coleslaw or potato salad idea. :)

VKLINE326 Posts: 965
7/22/10 11:49 A

Check for a low cal recipe for coleslaw or potato salad

DANCINGKIWI1986 Posts: 161
7/22/10 11:27 A

My husband and I love love love hot wings...we bake them of course...but we are in need of a good and healthy side dish to go with it...I want something a lil more fun then the tradition celery and dressing...any suggestions anyone could give me would be fatabulous!!

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