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5/13/13 12:33 A

On my " day off ' I usually go for a nice walk, no more than 30 minutes. Just enough to take time out and enjoy the scenery and relax. my favorite route is walking through my grandparents old neighborhood and seeing their house. it's less than two miles and doesn't take more than 30 minutes and the scenery is beautiful.!

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5/12/13 5:39 P

If you're worried that doing nothing at all will break your streak or somehow knock you out of whack, you can always go for a gentle walk on a rest day. Not power-walking, just a gentle amble around outside to get some fresh air, hear the birds sing, clear your head and burn a few calories.

You can do that on "official" rest days, and on days when you realize you need an "extra" rest day. Fatigue and a lack of motivation are obvious signs that one might be in order.

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5/12/13 4:52 P

It sounds like your body was finally able to get you to listen to it. Working out 7 days per week is NOT healthy. You MUST allow time off for it to heal. This is turn will reward you with more success, rather than punish you later for not listening.


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5/12/13 2:55 P


No one will consider you a slacker if you take a day off from your exercise routine. As others have already noted, a rest/recovery day IS every bit as important as getting some regular exercise. The right amount of exercise will keep our bodies fit and strong. Too much exercise can cause us to burn out as well as break down our immune system.

So, don't feel guilty because you took a day off. You may need a couple more if you have injuries which don't seem to be healing. If you feel aches and pains that just aren't going away, you need a few more days to rest. Taking time off from your routine will not inhibit your ability to lose weight.

Like I said, recovery days are as important as exercise. We have to learn to listen to our bodies. Take a day off when you need it. Think of any day off as a chance to recharge tired or run down batteries.

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5/12/13 12:43 P

If you don't take a day off, your body can't repair and it will end up hindering your progress. Try one of Sparkpeoples pilate videos so that you are doing low intensity exercise-your body will thank you for it.

Interestingly, I read somewhere that Kenyans have extreme rest days, so important are they to training. On their rest days, they do NOTHING-napping mid day and moving as little as possible.

"For Kenyan runners, rest is a serious business. I spoke to some top British athletes who had come to Kenya to train, and I asked them what they thought the biggest difference was between the Kenyans' training and their own.

"Rest," they said, unanimously."

SPRALE Posts: 73
5/12/13 12:04 P

Be glad that you recognized your body needed a break and did what you need to do. Days off are essential. You can eat healthy on your day off from exercise, maybe do some light stretching, and try and relax and have a good time. You've been doing so well, and you will continue to. Everyone needs time off now and then! It is only natural. Remember, strive for consistency, not perfection!

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5/12/13 9:47 A

In over ten days.....I get on these kicks and when I go for a lo g stretch of excerise I get npburnt out .....feeling guilty I am taking today off,but I am sore, tired and grumpy and not motovated . I also ran am5k race yesterday and completely bombed it....was a failure. I know in my head its ok to take a day off, but I finally finally broke through a 6 month plataue and don't want to mess it up....just needs words of encouragement that I can take a day off and no go on a all out binge :-/

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