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ANARIE Posts: 13,192
5/12/13 10:09 A

Calories aren't the point. You have a calorie minimum because those calories represent nutrients your body needs. If you're below 1200 calories, look at WHY you're that low. What nutrients have you missed for the day? Did you hit your calcium target? If not, drink some milk or have a little yogurt. Are you below your protein recommendation? Yogurt or milk will take care of that, too, or you could have an egg or an extra little bit of tuna or chicken, etc. Low on fiber? How about an orange, some berries, or maybe air-popped popcorn?

If you've hit all of your important nutrients targets, then you don't need to eat any more. All those things about "oh, your body will do XYZ if you don't get enough calories" are only true if you cross out the word "calories" and put in "nutrients."

One other little note-- it looks as if you eat at fast-food restaurants quite a bit. If that's the case, keep in mind that the nutrition facts for those places are based on the *legal* serving size. That's the size they advertise; if they sold a smaller serving they could be sued or fined. To avoid that, most fast food places make the containers oversized so that the stupidest or stingiest employee they've ever had would still put in enough. Most employees fill the container, so you're usually getting about 20% more than the legal minimum. It's much cheaper for them to give out extra food than to train employees to serve the right amount. If you think you're short on calories at the end of a day when you've had a fast food meal (even Subway or a "healthy" salad), think about whether the container was full and calculate a little extra for that. You're probably closer to your calorie allowance than you think most days.

GETTINSKINNY123 SparkPoints: (80)
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Posts: 7
5/12/13 2:20 A

Same here....will have to pick up some almonds

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,129
5/12/13 12:13 A

If it just occasionally I wouldn't worry about it. You probably are getting enough calories on an average basis for the week but if its happening fairly often then yeah, adding some healthy fats such as nuts or olive oil can go a long ways.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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5/11/13 7:08 P

Very important not to undereat as your body will think it is starving and start retaining weight not losing it. Almonds are a great idea, protein bars etc.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,203
5/9/13 9:41 P

Some day, you will remember your post and chuckle because it won't be true anymore........time will change it, that's just the way it works.

KATIEP477 Posts: 14
5/9/13 9:12 P

Duh! Why didn't I think of nuts?! Thank you sooo much!

STARS4ME Posts: 227
5/9/13 8:13 P

1/2 cup whole almonds 400 calories :) nibble for the rest of the night emoticon

SHURNP SparkPoints: (12,008)
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5/9/13 8:00 P

This never happens to me. I always fall within my calorie range or over it.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

KATIEP477 Posts: 14
5/9/13 6:39 P

What do you guys do when this happens? I've bee working out more so I needed to up my calories. The problem is that I'm not hungry at all. After dinner most nights I still have A LOT of calories left. Today I need to eat 400 more .....

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