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KKJL4LIFE Posts: 16
5/17/10 1:32 P

okay, I have to put in my two scents here. I am a currently taking some of the Advocare products. I too was VERY skeptical about trying any of these "health products", so I watched a very dear friend of mine who was in a size 22 with lots of health problems start Advocare. Yes, she did the products, ate more grilled food than fried, and started walking. She started that last summer and as of right now she is in a size 16, has incredible energy and is even off of most of her medications. I have seen the measurement changes in myself and the healthy changes Advocare has helped with in many of my friends.
Their products are backed by a science medical board of GREAT doctors! They have distinguished professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology and medicine formulate nutritional solutions that are based on solid science and created with the highest-quality ingredients.
Their products are NOT like hydroxycut, or any of those highly caffeinated products shown on tv. From personal experience and the doctors I have met, their products are safe and effective!

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3/10/10 6:45 A

Im pretty partial to Shaklee(been taking there stuff for a few years)I heard of advocare on another website and have heard good things.

ELENSCH Posts: 115
3/9/10 10:54 P

I love Advocare because I get to meet doctors from the scientific advisory board who oversee the research of each and every product. No other supplements company (that I am aware of) does this. The professionals on this board are experts in the field of nutrition and other related multidisciplinary fields. They publish real research in real medical journals. Search PubMed for any of their names. They are not just new resident physicians supporting a product they know nothing about like some companies have.

Since I was skeptical and a medical research librarian, this was hugely important to me.

The products got me to kick my mt. dew addiction, which was huge for me as well. I believe in the products.

I heart Advocare. emoticon

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DONADIET Posts: 28
2/28/10 11:43 P

My opinion always has been that if these products really worked, obesity would be cured. The only way to lose weight is burning more calories than you consume. The only thing that helped me in the past was meridia, a prescribed medication. It really helped me not feel hungry. I actually felt what it must be like to be a naturally thin person in my head. However, my blood pressure went up and my doctor took me off it. The other diet supplement you could try would be adding fiber to fill you up and reduce hunger. The best way is to eat foods high in fiber and apparently important for fighting cancer. If you can't get enough in with food try something like metamucil. It's cheap.

2/28/10 11:32 P

My husband is taking the Advocare products - doing the 24 day challenge. I was very skeptical in the beginning but supported him anyway. He began in January and has lost 15 of his 20 pound goal. Now yes, he has adjusted his eating choices (some)and is a little more focused when he works out (has always been in pretty good shape), but here is what I've really noticed: 1. no more redbulls or high caffenine drinks when he has to study or pull double shifts 2. has lots of energy 3. is much more focused (has ADHD).

So is Advocare for everyone? I don't know but it has worked for my husband (and we don't sell it).

JWR5374 Posts: 3
4/5/09 10:33 P

Actually in looking over my comments- I did not share with you my personal experience taking advocare products. After my hysterectomy six months ago, I found that I still lacked energy by the late afternoon upon returning to work. I had started to turn towards energy drinks which are not a viable solution for me- too many of those drinks and not enough water have led to kidney stones. I knew that I needed to eat better, but I simply lacked energy, I was so tired by the time I got home. Too tired to cook, too tired to work-out. A friend introduced me to their products, not the weight loss but rather the line of vitamins. I have always been a vitamin freak if you will, so I knew that not one pill could supply all of my needs. This is a personal choice. I immediately felt results on the products. The particular packet I take contains: Omega 3, an antioxidant, calcium tablets, daily vitamins and a probiotic. It has been perfect for me. My energy level has been restored, not by some magical pills but rather from feeding my body the necessary vitamins and minerals it was so badly craving. Is Advocare the only company that can fulfill these needs, no; however, I love the way my body has responded to them. I now have enough energy at the end of the day to not only go grocery shopping but to cook. No more microwave meals for my kids and myself. We are eating much healthier because I have more energy now to take part in the most important role of my life- motherhood.

When it comes to losing weight, there are many diet aids and programs; however, they should be closely aligned with good nutrition and exercise. I don’t have a weight management issue; I take the meal replacement shake only because I don’t eat breakfast as a habit. However, I understand that 1. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day 2. Women generally start to lose muscle after the age of 45 and 3. Women, again, in general, don’t get enough protein in their diets. Their shakes have a great protein-to-carb ratio. There are many many similar products out in the marketplace; the biggest loser show has now come out with their own shake. Advocare is not the end all to beat all. I just like the results I am getting from their products.

As this site is mainly for people to share and support one another in adopting a healthier way of living- it is not right for me to share my income story. I have had a positive experience and was offering a different view. The company takes pride in their products as do many companies with similar products.

Just one person’s experience.

4/5/09 8:33 P

As an adult, you have the right to choose the supplements you wish to take and to pursue the business opportunities you wish.

As the Registered Dietitian for this site, it is my job to answer nutrition questions.

To the original poster: the vitamins and minerals in advocare products are the same as those in supplements such as Centrum, One-a-Day, etc. All are formulated well. Therefore one may want to look at cost when deciding which supplement to use, since cost can vary greatly.

There are additional ingredients in the Advocare weight loss supplement. But there is no valid research to support the health and weight loss claims being made about these ingredients.

When I am speaking of reserach I am not talking about advertising/marketing research. I am referring to nutrition/scientific researach. This should be done in a double-blind fashion, large population, done on humans (not rats), published in medical journals, peer reviewed and duplicated by other professions. This is not just research that is done by the company.

Becky, Your SP dietitian

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JWR5374 Posts: 3
4/5/09 7:47 P

I have done my research and that's why I made the comment. In fact, I am the only one it would seem that has tried the product and the business and as such can make an honest assessment. Again, a direct marketing company is not for everyone nor is being in corporate America or being a stay-at-home parent-that's the beauty of living in this country we all have choices. I try not to knock anything before I try it. No one is forced to work the business, you can take the product and promote the business on the side if you so chose as is the case for Avon, Mary Kay, Shaklee, Isagenix, Amway, Metaluca - to indicate that the you only stand to lose money is a falsehood when participating in an DM company-there are too many people to prove that theory wrong. I live in Dallas and there is a plethora of "pink" cars to show that Mary Kay Inc. is alive and doing very well for the average women with big desire and commitment.

The question was asked if anyone had heard of Advocare and their experience- I was just offering my own personal experience which happens to be of a different point of view.

Again, Centrum is a standard vitamin which I have taken in the past, but for myself personally- I have received better results from other brands including the Whole Foods Store brand.

As someone who works in marketing/advertising-do your research and chose what is best for you.

4/5/09 4:46 P

Centrum, One-a-Day, similar store brand...most of these carry the USP seal...United States Pharmacopeia. This is showing that the supplement meets standards for strength, purity, disintegration, dissolution, etc. They are appropriate, safe and effective. More on picking supplements safely and wisely, click here:

Becky, Your SP dietitian

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4/5/09 4:29 P

JWR - I would be SHOCKED to hear that you could truly start any MLM business with no money down. That's a losing proposition for the company, when in fact, any MLM company relies on each new member making a substantial investment they're not likely to recoup.

As for the products themselves - do some research. I'm not familiar with the products and won't venture to say more than that weight loss pills are - 99% of the time - at best useless, and at worst dangerous. If you're looking for a supplement, do your own research aside from the marketing claims and make the call.

JWR5374 Posts: 3
4/5/09 1:47 P

The wonderful thing about the Advocare products is that they have world-renowned doctors supervising the manufacturing of the products and can attest to the validity and quality of the products.

To say that you can get the same benefits from Centrum, one-day or Flintstones as you can from Advocare’s Coreplex is astounding to me. Just because the word ”vitamin” is printed on the cover doesn’t mean they are equal in quality. You can purchase a 20 piece, 14 ounce box of Hershey’s Truffles for $19.98 or a 19 piece 7.4 ounce box of Godiva chocolates for $28. Hershey’s costs per ounce $1.42, Godiva’s $3.78; Why? They both are chocolate truffles. Quality. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hershey but some of us just prefer Godiva.

On the MLM side, just like any business- you get what you put into it. Nobody makes you work a business if you have no interest. But if you do want to work it like a business, it takes time and money to make money, you can make as little as $100/month or $10K. As a Marketing Director for a large corporation, we are given a substantial budget for one reason, to bring in new business. Even if you were to start say a lawn service company, you would have to make a substantial investment in tools and equipment, then you would have spend time and money advertising and who knows when you would break even, let alone start making a profit. If you know of a “business” that can be started with no money down and little or no investment whether with your time or money- I say, Go For It!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
3/20/09 11:00 P

I haven't heard of them, but I'm sure they are a rehash of the same people who were selling Metabolife, or one of those deals where you lose weight for a LOT of money. They are really nothing more than vitamin pills and with Metabolife it had ephedra, which was banded. Sadly, people take too much of something like that and make themselves sick, which is what happened in that case.
Save your money.

2/17/09 9:19 P

Points well made.
I agree.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
2/16/09 10:34 P

I would say stay away from the whole thing. It's a multi-level marketing structure-- one of those deals where they drag people into it by telling them they'll make money selling the stuff, but the only way to make any money is actually to get a huge number of other people under you selling the stuff.

Their main "weight loss" product is nothing but a low-dose multivitamin with a lot of caffeine thrown in. The vitamins are about the same as what's in Centrum or One-a-Day or even Flintstones, and it costs-- are you sitting down?-- at least $3 a dose! For $43, you get 14 doses. Centrum is $25 for 270 doses.

ANNAKAY17 Posts: 50
2/16/09 6:18 P

I recently found a college roommate (go Facebook!) who sells Advocare products. I've never heard of them before. Pros/cons? Favorites/stay-away-froms? Anyone have any luck with their weight loss products?

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