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Yes, there are some awesome places to visit, of course Las Vegas, but that is only a small part, there are the red rocks with petroglyghs, and petrified wood and wild burros, they are so cute, there is Lake Mead, you can rent a boat and go do some fishing or just site seeing, Boulder City has some awesome big horn sheep you can view and you can go visit the Hoover dam, it is pretty neat.

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2/27/14 8:46 A

Yes. Las Vegas.

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2/27/14 8:44 A

I live in Las Vegas. Tonopah is a small town. It rarely rains here. Visit Vegas if you get the chance. You don't need to be a gambler to enjoy it. Lots of sights to see and good restaurants. The heat isn't so bad because there isn't much humidity. Bring plenty of sunscreen.

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2/27/14 7:47 A

No but I would like to some day.

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2/27/14 1:37 A

I've been to a few different places: Reno, Las Vegas, Tahoe and a smaller town - Fallon. I actually like it a lot there - but it is very different. Most of it is very dry and desert. But like everyone else said - I think you can do anything for 3 months, especially if it helps you career and sounds interesting to you!

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It will only be 3 months, thank goodness, so go in order to advance your career and your future...........don't let the cat hold you back. Nevada is interesting, especially for someone doing the work that you do, but if you like some more excitement, you would have to head to a city now and then. But 3 months, heck, go for it!!!

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2/26/14 9:24 P

Online Now  • ))
Yes, I vacationed there for 2 weeks about 10 years ago.

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2/26/14 8:50 P

Yes I love it.

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2/26/14 6:10 P

Yes, my aunt lives in Reno. I got to visit her a couple years ago.

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2/26/14 5:43 P

No, but heard it's nice.

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2/26/14 5:32 P

I've never been there, but it sounds like an adventure for you!!!!

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2/26/14 5:28 P

Anarie - It's a paid position. It's not paying well, but it is paid. I have to get myself out there, which will be a bit of a strain. I know that it isn't a move and that this is only temporary. I have a hard time with change. When I applied for the position, I assumed it would be like all the other temporary and permanent jobs I've applied too...I'd hear nothing from them, except for an email stating, "We've received your resume and cover letter."

I think I am the one that will be suffering from separation anxiety more than Peanut. In 2010, I went on a 2 week volunteer trip to Nova Scotia. My brother stayed with my cat, Princess (a Siamese Seal Point - traditional - may she RIP), while I was gone. I called the house every other day to check on her. I knew she'd be ok, but still it was very hard. I have a hard time dealing with change. You'd think that this wouldn't be a problem since I am in wildlife biology and ecology. At least I am aware of it and I'm trying to work on it. I know my parents and brother will take care of her. It's just that it's not me. It's not me taking care of her. I know that my dad will take care of her like I want them to. It doesn't matter how old I get, I will always be a daddy's girl (not spoiled though).

You are right in that it will help my resume, especially since all of my work experience is on the east coast. I do enjoy field research and that is something that I want to do for life (as long as I am physically able to - motivation to work out). And I imagine that if I can make it for that long without being with Peanut, that I can manage in August when I go to Costa Rica for 10 days. I'll probably still be a wreck...worrying about her. I can't help it. I love her so much.

Thank you Anarie for your response.

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2/26/14 5:22 P

I happened to have lived and worked in Tonopah,Nv for 13 years. It is a very small town. I was through there not too long ago. Other than the McDonalds closing not much has changed. I really liked living there. It does snow and get cold though. Hiked a lot there. It is located right between Reno and Las Vegas. Sparks mail me if you have more questions. Only one grocery store!

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2/26/14 4:38 P

only Las Vegas

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2/26/14 4:10 P

Are you going to be paid/on a fellowship? The only reason I could see even to think twice would be if it all had to be on your own dime. Otherwise, there's no reason to worry about whether you "could live" there, because you won't be living there. Three months is a visit, not a move; you'll barely even have time to decide whether you like it or not, much less to be unhappy.

The cat will be fine; she's going to a familiar place and will probably barely be aware that you're missing. Cats don't have much of a sense of time, so there's not much difference between leaving them for a day or leaving them for six months. She'll miss you for the first two days, and then she'll just figure you're working awfully late. As long as someone fills her supper dish, she won't suffer.

Plus, any type of field work assignment is going to be a big boost to your CV, especially if you might get a publication out of it. The better your CV, the better your next job, and the more catnip you can buy her to make up for it.

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2/26/14 3:20 P

No but I sure would rather be there then here in the -25 weather

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2/26/14 3:05 P

Yes and will be taking a drive there in a few weeks to see our nephew

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2/26/14 2:28 P

yes and going again in March

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2/26/14 2:11 P

No, but I have been in other places, some all over the world. I think I am pretty much done with traveling. I don't find it fun any more, especially when it involves airports.

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2/26/14 6:51 A

No, have no reason to go there.

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2/26/14 6:43 A

Nope, furthest west I've been is Kentucky.

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2/26/14 6:08 A

No but I plan to go this year

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2/26/14 12:56 A

Sure, did some work in Reno and have been to Las Vegas.

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2/25/14 8:49 P

Oh, you can do ANYTHING for three months. Go for it!

Most of Nevada (except for the area around Tahoe) is pretty dry--sometimes in very interesting ways. It's a very different kind of desert than you see farther south and east. As a biologist, it would be a unique experience.


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2/25/14 6:36 P

no not yet

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2/25/14 6:33 P

Many married in Las Vegas (lived in San Diego)....first wedding anniversary in Reno and have been to many other beautiful spots in Nevada over the years.

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2/25/14 6:05 P

Thanks. There are a few other things that I need to figure out before making the decision...weighing out the last of the pro's and con's.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 6:01 P

Well, in that case...I say:


Seriously, have a great time - since she has been there before and it's worked out well, she will be fine - and you will too!

I betcha you have a great time ;)

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2/25/14 5:59 P

Peanut has been to my parents house before. We were there back in November for 2 weeks and then again in December/January for 3 weeks. She is turning 3 in March. With my parents 2 cats, one is about 2 to 2.5 years old (male) and the other is turning 7 (female). We used to have a family cat that had been with us for ~20 years but had to have him put to sleep (quality of life had decreased). Peanut got along with the oldest cat who is now in a better place. They don't really bother her too much.

My mom would love on her, but her cat (the female) would get jealous and pout. My dad would give my cat a lot of attention. Now that he is retired, I know that he would give her all the attention that I'd give her. I am very over protective of my furbaby and a huge fan of lists. So, my parents would have a list of what I do with her and the frequency (i.e., kitty treats, brushing, litter box, etc.). I know they know how to take care of cats, but mine is different. Peanut is spoiled rotten, all the way to the core, but she is a good girl.

My brother is living at home while going to college and the way the house is set up, Peanut can run back and forth between his bedroom and mine (well the one that would be mine if I were to live there). During the day, they would have the door open so that she can walk around. I'd make sure that they would try to get her to walk around the house for a little bit. Even if it means putting their cats in the master bedroom and shutting the door (as well as closing the door to the room she'd sleep in) make sure she gets to walk around/check things out without having to worry about one of the other cats chase her. She'll fight back. She has in the past and these two go slinking off with their tails between their legs.

Now, my parents wouldn't be keeping her forever. It would just be a temporary thing. I know it would be stressful for Peanut to be without me. We've not been separated for that long. If I go, I'll get my dad to help me figure out skype on their computers and my laptop, so that I can chat with them (them meaning Peanut).

As a side note, I named her Peanut because I love peanut butter and because she is a goober (which is a technical term for peanuts and is also a sign of endearment for calling someone silly).

Thanks for your response.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 5:34 P

Nevada is nice, and 3 months isn't that long, and it could be the experience of a lifetime!!

The cat issue....well, I might get some flack for this - but I'm gonna be honest with you.

Does cat know your parents at all? If so, a plus. If not, a minus.

Here goes: It's gonna be traumatic for your cat, especially if your parent's cats are long term friends (older, been together for while). There is no way around it, and it can't be sugar coated - as much as I'd like to.

The good news is - it will work out in the end. I've introduced cats about 5 times now (just helped my brother introduce a new cat to his 2 existing) -and have had others do so (not talking kittens, not 1 year old cats...older cats). It will work in the end, the first few weeks could be hell for your cat.

This does not mean you shouldn't go. I think you should. However, you need to go into it knowing it's gonna be rough for your cat - but by the time you get back she should be "one of the family". Be prepared if you call you call your mom and she says (in the beginning) we haven't seen your cat in 3 days - we think she's under the bed.

Read up online as much as possible about how to introduce a new cat. Tips include stuff like if the cat is cowering under a bed in a guest room - put the cat's food and litter box there for a few days. Gradually move them closer to the communal area - even if it's just 5 feet at a time.

Another thing - is your cat declawed? (hope not) are the others?

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2/25/14 5:17 P

I have an opportunity to do some work in Nevada that will last for about 3 months. I haven't made any decisions that are in favor or against going. The work will be in Tonopah, Nevada and is focusing on the population ecology of an endangered species (a mouse). I am curious to know if this is somewhere I can handle living in for 3 months.

I won't know anyone except for the 3 people I'd be working with when I get there, if I decide to go. There is a good chance that I will have to be separated from my cat (who happens to be my best friend and baby - she turns 6 next month, been with me for 3 years). She'd stay with my parents, who have two cats. I think I can manage most anything, but not being with my cat is the hardest. They say home is where the heart is, but for me that is my cat, she is the heart of my home. I'd go on but I should spend some time thinking about this and spend some quality mommy-daughter time with my fabulous cat.

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