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8/16/13 4:56 P

Try to eat thoughtfully...track to see where you are and make adjustments from my opinion macronutrient balance (Carb/protein/fat ratio) is key to being able to cut some calories and not be hungry...set a couple of small, doable goals and go from there...

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8/16/13 10:00 A

You knoooow, I have just been eating mega veggies, making them more appetizing by experimenting with various spices, enjoying the aromas in the house as my veggies roasts, and making myself move a little more. I even enjoy buying the different spices that I wouldn’t normally buy. Today I get to buy ground ginger.

I have a client who told me that he lost 250 pounds just by weighing his portions. I have thought about finding an inexpensive scale and trying that for a while. But I know me, if it gets too complicated, I won’t hang in there for long. All I know is that in these past 4?? weeks???, I have noticed that I am pulling my pants up, and my boss said, “it looks like you are losing weight.” Having the support here, even though I’m not as active here as I should be, is helping me a great deal. Just don't stress yourself out, and find fun ways to make little changes. It works.

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Hey Rose....
You have to decide what you want to weigh and if it's feasible for you to be at that weight. I found the healthy BMI for my height and body build and have built my program around that goal. I created menus based on that calorie maintenance range and exercise several times a week. I'm not on a diet..I'm just living the life. Good luck!

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8/15/13 11:10 P

Figure out how many calories you eat a day by tracking everything you eat each day for at least a few days so you have an idea of just what you are taking in. That will give you a baseline on just how many cals, fat, fiber, carbs, and protein, fruits and veggies you're getting. From there you can figure out what you need to trim to become trim emoticon The food tracker is the way to go! I like seeing what I take in. As long as I stick to a reasonable calorie count, get enough water and exercise, I find the pounds do indeed take care of themselves.

Begin a walking routine or other favorite activity at a pace you enjoy, then work your way up as you feel more fit and able. Don't forget to stretch! Set your goals and enjoy the ride.

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8/15/13 10:23 P

Have no clue on what to do and how to lose weight. My goal is 40 lbs but would be happy with 10.

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