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3/10/13 12:21 P

I think we all have those times its kind of difficult to exercise and workout. However, keeping the ultimate goal in mind always keeps me going!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
3/10/13 12:07 P

In addition to numerous good suggestions on previous posts, would it be helpful to write out your motivation for exercise? That was helpful to me. Then, the decision was made, and I just did it anyway. I didn't like jogging, but I have been doing it for 40 years. Gradually, I did get so that I liked it. Jack LaLane never did like lifting weights,even though he did it at 5 AM for 70 years. He just did it because he liked the results.

What motivates you to exercise? It helps your heart, lungs, and bones.It prevents some diseases. It helps your body be more efficient. It makes you stronger and more flexible. It makes other chores easier to do because you are more energetic. In group settings, you can make new friends. You can try new experiences and discover ways your body can move that you had not known in the past. It makes you look great, and helps you have better posture with a stronger back.

I hate lifting weights, but I do it 2-3 times a week because I like the results. It only takes 30 minutes! It is over soon....

What are your reasons for exercising? Maybe that will help the actual work of it be easier to get through.

I echo the advice of others. Try new activities and see if there is something you enjoy more than lifting weights.

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3/10/13 11:53 A

KJP2013: That's EXACTLY the way it is for me. I never want to start exercising. But about half-way through the session, I am happy that I had the discipline to do it. When I finish, I feel great about myself for having done it -- and my body feels great. Like you, I want to bottle those feelings so that I can save them and use them to motivate me next time.

But when the next comes ... I have to force myself to start again.

Such is life.

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3/10/13 3:30 A

ONLINEASLLOU...great post and I totally agree. I don't like exercising either and the worst part is getting going. Afterwards I nearly always feel better than I did before, so I try to bottle up that feeling and save it for the next time I don't want to exercise...many times it works to help get me going.

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3/9/13 11:30 P

Find something you love. Try things. If you hate it what is the worst that happens? You've wasted an hour and now you know. Or you could also try listening to upbeat music. Other than that you could try changing your attitude. If you go into exercise thinking you'll hate it then you will. If you go in with a smile, telling yourself that you're doing it for great reasons, and you'll feel good when you're done you could find that you don't hate it as much.

I hope you start to like exercise one day!

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3/9/13 11:26 P

My opinion is somewhat different from the previous posters. While I hope you can find a type of exercise that you really like ... I think you should be prepared for the possibility that you won't find one. There is no guarantee in life that you will like exercise. The best you may find is that you learn to tolerate it and incorporate it regularly into your life.

I never WANT to exercise, but I do like how I feel afterwards -- and I do like the improved health and the weight loss it has facilitated. So i do it even though I don't really WANT to and there are lots of other things I would rather be doing.

I also do laundry, shave my legs, clean my condo (ocassionally), and go to work .... and I never WANT to do any of those things either. One of my favorite movie lines is from the movie "Gladiator." The servant says ... "Sometimes I do what I want to do. Sometimes I do what I have to do."

Good luck finding a form of exercise that you will WANT to do. But if you can't find one, then just do you what you HAVE to do.

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3/9/13 10:51 P

I really dislike exercise for the sake of exercise. However, I've found that I love running! For me, it's a sport, not an exercise--it just happens that sports are pretty good exercise. When I was taking a boot camp class, for me, it was a cross-training program to improve my running--again, not just exercise. I also enjoy strength training because it's cross-training for my running and I love feeling strong and tough.

All that isn't to say that you should love running or boot camp or strength training. My point is just that you just need to find an activity--an *active* activity--you enjoy doing. Do you like rollerblading? Is there a softball team in your area? Anything else along those lines? Once you find your activities, you won't have to worry about hating exercise, because you'll be enjoying your hobby. :)

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3/9/13 7:56 P

Hiking and dancing are two cardio activities that I, personally, absolutely LOVE! When I'm doing cardio that isn't quite as fun, I listen to upbeat music that motivates me and that makes it more fun. Keep searching for the right exercise for you!

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3/9/13 4:45 P


I guess you have to look to your personality.

Are you a loner, like to do things on your own?
Do you like to dance, enjoy music?
Are you competitive, like to get to the finish line?
Do you get bored easy?
Do you like to watch sports?
Did you like to bikeride, rollerskate, shoot hoops, etc as a child?

Answering some of these questions might help you tap into something you'll enjoy.

Having said that...
Exercise is something we should all have in our lives. Don't let your head get in the way of your goals. Make sure you don't stop incorporating exercise until you find something perfect you just can't get enough of. If you think exercising is just something you're always going to struggle with, then find something which is short in duration but effective. There are plenty of short and sweet fitness videos here on the site. Check them out.

Good Luck!

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3/9/13 4:26 P

I can deffinately relate, youth gym experience can really leave a sour taste in your mouth when it comes to working out. The good thing now is that your not in that old gym competing with others, the only person your competing against is yourself. Do your best. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out what you like. I have tried many different routines, equipment, and dvd's before i found the workout I enjoy. For me it was high intensity interval training, it leaves me sweating and i can really tell I get a good workout from it. When you do something that challenges you, the pride can outweigh the dislike of physical activity. I would suggest that you go to your local library or movie store and rent some different workout dvd's to find what it is you like. Once you find something you enjoy you can see what local establishments offer classes, or what other workouts are similar. Good Luck!

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3/9/13 3:51 P

I used to be the exact same way. As a child I was the worst athlete in gym class, and when I finally started to attempt to exercise it was just dreadful.

I used to force myself to strength train, jog, or bike but I honestly didn't enjoy these activities. However a few years ago I started swimming and realized that I loved it. I also started an adult dance classes and even horseback riding lessons. These activities don't even feel like exercise to me, they are simply fun!

I suggest you find a class or an activity that seems enjoyable to you. Do something you never thought you would otherwise do.

I still don't weight train, but I don't feel I need to. All the different activities I take part in work muscles.....

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3/9/13 2:29 P

If you're hating the exercise that much, you're doing the wrong kind of exercise.

What kind of activities are you doing? Walking is clearly no fun for you. What matters isn't what you do, but that you stick with it, and if you are in tears at the end, you're not doing the right kind of exercise for you.

What specifically is it that you don't like about it? Is it the sweating? The way you look? The way it feels? What is it in particular that triggers these feelings?

The problem is that a workout IS work... that's kinda the point. ;)

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3/9/13 2:10 P

If I don't enjoy it then I'm not going to stick to it. I love Zumba and bootcamp classes so I continue to do those and get a good workout in while enjoying myself. I hate running and spending time doing anything for an extended period of time so I don't do it

3/9/13 1:09 P

Do you have kids? If so, take them to the park and chase them around for awhile. You can even use pushing them on the swings for upper body strength training!

What about dancing? Put on your favorite music and dance like no one's watching.

Joining a sports team is another really good idea.

Really, anything you do that gets your heart rate up will qualify. It doesn't have to be officially labeled as "exercise."

MLAN613 Posts: 19,227
3/9/13 1:01 P

Well, the good news is that your new lifestyle is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. In other words, you can't out exercise a crummy diet.

However, I do feel like exercise is an important part of healthy living. The previous poster had some great ideas. Personally, I love classes at my gym. The instructor's mix it up in every class, so I never get bored. I also run with a group of people who've become friends. The lady who does the boot camp class at my gym is also a junior high reading teacher. It's a perfect for for teaching adult exercise classes because we act like junior highers sometimes when it comes to exercise but she makes her classes so much fun. She takes us on imaginary trips to Hawaii in the dead of winter or makes themes like super hero training and giddy with gliders.

What I am trying to say is you just need to find something that makes it pleasant. Check out your local gym or community center. Take a class through community ed. Take swimming lessons. Train for a 5k fun run/walk. Get a DVD. If you keep trying and truly want it, you'll find it.

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3/9/13 12:48 P

I guess I found some DVD's that I enjoy and are more fun to do. That is why I keep working out. Kettlebells for me I feel so powerfull that I can snatch a 30LB bell over my head. I also keep working out, cause I love how my body now looks and I want to keep it that way.
Is there a SPORT you like? see if you can join up on a team to practice and play.


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3/9/13 12:44 P

I just hate exercise...maybe from the dreaded gym classes of my youth. I do cardio 5-7 days/week (mostly walking) & strength training 4 days/week (2 upper body, 2 lower body). I spend my walk wishing it was over & my strength training just wanting to cry. I have tried other forms of exercise but just can't get over the "exercise" aspect. Any fun suggestioins that will give me a tough workout without it seeming like work. Thanks

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