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4/16/14 4:50 P

Thanks for the supportive comments. :)

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4/16/14 10:36 A

As far as partners pointing out flaws with your body......were they Adonis personified? If not, I woulda pointed out every single one of THEIR flaws.

I would have left them feeling about a quarter inch big.

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4/16/14 10:22 A


Please don't beat yourself up because you've regained some weight. We can't change the past, but we can influence and change the future. Remember, there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning. Our mental health IS every bit as important as our physical health. If you're feeling much calmer than you did last summer, that is a huge health benefit.

And that's what I'm going to encourage you to think about today. Instead of focusing on your looks, I'd like you to try to focus on all the other POSITIVES that are going on in life since you have been taking the medication.

As the old song goes,"Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative".

4/16/14 10:12 A

emoticon Please don't hate your body. Hate your circumstances... but don't hate your body or yourself. I hope you can and will keep looking for answers.

4/16/14 9:22 A

I'm having a very low self esteem day. I looked at my old pictures on my profile and I feel so sad. I've gained 20 lbs, and at 4'10, that's a lot.

It was really easy over the summer to be in super good shape because I was manic. But now that I'm on meds I am so much more tired and calm, and I have a harder time motivating myself to exercise. I also have been eating more.

I bought new clothes online and when they arrived I was so downtrodden by the way they looked on my body that I probably won't wear them.

I also have had partners point out my physical flaws, and that hurts me on an additional level.
I try not to think about it, but sometimes the negative thoughts are too stubborn, too strong to be eradicated.

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