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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
4/20/13 9:56 A

If I did that I would be so miserable that buy the time I was done with it. I would go into binge mode. So I don't think its a good idea.

APPRIL Posts: 2,239
4/19/13 6:01 P

Eat right and exercise. THIS has been proven to work. emoticon

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/19/13 3:08 P

I wouldn't go down that road, it's not sustainable and the weight comes back as soon as she goes back to solid foods.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,996
4/19/13 2:12 P

You've gotten some great advice. Here's an article about detox diets that you (or your friend) might also find helpful:

Coach Jen

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
4/19/13 1:13 P

I've also heard of this, but it's not healthy and it really isn't going to help her. I wouldn't do it.

ELENGIL Posts: 957
4/19/13 1:00 P

Pre-diet sounds like the kind of thinking that says 'If I just do THIS... it'll be the *one thing* that makes me lose weight." Rather than realizing that if you just... apply portion control, eat whole foods, reduce processed foods and sugars, exercise regularly, track your nutrition intake to ensure you are getting a good balance, drink plenty of water, don't be unrealistically restrictive in your eating, and learn the skills and tools for life-long weight control and an overall healthy lifestyle, then you'll not just lose weight, you'll keep it off, have more energy, have less health issues, and won't have to fuss with stupid things like pills and "pre-diets".

But a pre-diet just sounds so much easier, doesn't it? If you just do that *one thing* instead of changing your lifestyle... you think you don't really have to make permanent lifestyle changes. You think you can hit that 'easy button' for a couple of weeks and that's all it takes.

Because deep down, as adults, we don't like being told we have to change our lifestyles, our eating habits, or our routines, so we will try to do the very least amount possible and then complain we don't see any results.

... so back on topic, no, I've never heard of one and I don't see that it will have any benefit whatsoever.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/19/13 12:27 P

It is just like the "fasts" or "cleanses" that so many companies offer now. Personally, I don't think that it is healthy, because it doesn't teach you to make healthier choices, it just teaches you to limit yourself. It is far better to eat whole foods, fruits, veggies, and lean meats and such, and eliminate bad things (like the PP said, 1 or 2 at a time) or only eat/drink them in moderation.

Me? I just jumped in. I'm eating far healthier than I ever have before, and it really seems like I am making lifestyle changes that I can stick with and live with so that this loss will be a forever loss.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
4/19/13 11:09 A

I've heard of it...not that I'd ever try it. I suppose the rationale would be that after a week living like that, anything will be better. Me, I just started making small changes one or 2 at a time. For example, drinking more water/tea and less Powerade one week, then the next week making a conscious effort to add more veggies into my meals, etc.

SIMPLYME160 SparkPoints: (1,834)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 143
4/19/13 10:33 A

Here's the story... i have been losing weight, not as much as I would have liked due to some emotional slip ups ( my mom passed away last month) and Now I'm getting back on track and starting to heal emotionally,, A good friend that has been there for me for support decieded it was time for her to lose, she has about 200 lbs to lose. She is Starting a plan, I am continueing. I told her about Sparkpeople and she told me she give it a try....After her Pre-diet! What!!!! A Pre-diet?! She told me a friend of hers did this, for one week, a total liquid diet such as some type of broth, slim fast, juice-. second week , adding a peice of fruit or small salad as dinner, liquid for breakfast and lunch, third week, a small amount of food, and liquid for lunch., then going back to eating very small amounts of food she is used to in moderation, no limits on plain water or tea during the pre-diet. OK, I Never heard of doing this and it Does Not seem healthy. I am Not willing to try doing this as she insisted I join Her. She told me it was kind of a detox plan, and will get her/us used to not eating as much. Has anyone heard or have done anything like this?

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