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CEMGSP Posts: 56
9/4/10 11:16 A

your better off with a clean diet and a fiber supplement to clean and protect your colon. :)

9/4/10 10:05 A

I'm a personal fitness trainer and I think it's best to avoid commercial diet plans, detoxes, and other faddy/crazy schemes. Just eat healthily and take plenty of regular exercise.

The whole notion of 'going on a special diet' or 'having a detox' is flawed. You need to eat healthily all the time, the whole range of nutrients.

Any special diets or temporary measures that restrict nutrients, cut out whole food groups, or require expensive supplements, are inherantly suspect and inconsistent with the need just to eat healthily all your life.

And eating healthily does not mean boredom and sacrifice. There's more than enough variety of healthy foods to choose from. Don't buy into any crazy diet schemes!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
4/16/10 10:55 P

Nope the kidneys and liver do this if we give the body the food, fluids and exercise it needs.
Not necessary to do detox's- people how make these up are just parting people from their hard earned cash..
I did a lifestyle change and my now photos are proof we don't need detox.. Given the right conditions the body can do this all on its own..

GETHERFIT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,835)
Posts: 131
4/16/10 6:40 P

Detox no - Just eat better food and drink good clean water and Vitamix if you want a juice. Sounds simple huh.

4/16/10 4:24 P

A healthy "cleanse" would be to cut out all added salt/raw sugar/additives/alcohol/caffeine, and eat normal quantities of good fresh produce and low fat protein. No faddy pills/potions or extreme dieting required!

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,334
4/16/10 4:18 P

how is it we have diseases such as lung cancer from built up toxins? Or Mesothelioma from built up toxins, or chirrosis from built up toxins, or diverticulosis from the improper passing of stools?

You have an incorrect idea of how these diseases happen. These are not caused by "built up toxins". They are caused by repeated exposure to various noxious agents, not all of which are "toxins".

CANDYLAND87 Posts: 202
4/16/10 3:51 P

I did the lemonade detox diet or "master cleanse" last summer. I finally decided to try it after finding a message board where people shared their fantastic results: weight loss, no longer craving processed foods, etc. I knew that any weight lost would most likely not stay off... but I still wanted to try it.

I lost 6 pounds after 10 days of only consuming this "lemonade" mixture with maple syrup, cayenne powder, and lemon juice. Gained 3 pounds back within a few days, did NOT feel healthy at ALL, and instantly reached for cheese fries once I could eat solid food again. It is my experience that detoxes are not all they're cracked up to be. And any positive feelings you have following are generally a mind trick.

RAYNADEWBE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,759)
Posts: 37
4/16/10 3:22 P

I've heard that eating a yogurt a day will help keep you regular and your colon cleansed just fine.

KLPEFFERS Posts: 987
4/16/10 3:14 P

OK... this might sounds stupid and completely unrelated to detox cleanses advertised to weight loss, but if our bodies are so great at ridding us of the toxins as some have mentioned, then how is it we have diseases such as lung cancer from built up toxins? Or Mesothelioma from built up toxins, or chirrosis from built up toxins, or diverticulosis from the improper passing of stools? Should I continue? Perhaps our bodies are very well adept at cleansing when we are already in a healthy lifestyle, but for many of us our bodies are not working properly. I DO NOT ADVOCATE FOR ANY SORT OF DETOX / CLEANSE PRODUCT PLEASE DO NOT READ THAT FROM THIS POST.
I simply do not believe that when we have all treated our bodies poorly for years and years that we can't "help" it out a little by giving it more of what it needs to do its job naturally.
But somethings just make sense to me.

SATURDAY63 Posts: 178
4/16/10 2:03 P

Thanks so much everyone for your comments/suggestions! The overwhelming verdict is eat natural, healthy foods and that rings very true to me.

I love SparkPeople for the support! Thank you all again!

BUUKWORM14 SparkPoints: (78,742)
Fitness Minutes: (78,046)
Posts: 960
4/16/10 12:32 P

The only cleansing I do is making myself eat a week of high fiber, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, only water for drinking and no processed foods. I don't like those packaged cleanses/detox plans. You're body is not storing toxins. The human body is smarter than we give it credit for. Unfortunately, marketing teams are equally smart.

PEGGYDUC Posts: 97
4/16/10 12:13 P

The whole detox cleanse thing makes me'nt that what fiber is for?

LESLIELOSER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,023)
Posts: 422
4/16/10 12:11 P

Yes, a few years ago. I personally didn't think it really did me any good. Instead, I changed my lifestyle and eating habits. Now, I eat lots of fruit and veggie, whole grains and drink a lot of water. I don't think there's any better cleanse than that!

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
4/16/10 12:02 P

You wrote:
"I've committed to getting rid of the processed foods and to start treating my body the best I can."

That's your detox cleanse, right there! You've already done it!

Seriously, the best "detox cleanse" doesn't have anything to do with pills or drinks or fasts. It involves a big black plastic trashbag. Instead of cleansing your body, you cleanse your fridge and cabinets.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
4/16/10 11:48 A

also, i meant to add that since then, i've switch to mainly organic items and making most of my food myself, so i dont have to worry about it being processed.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
4/16/10 11:46 A

i did one for two weeks before (don't yell at me!) and i enjoyed it. however, i realized after tracking my food for the first couple days that i was not getting all my protein and calcium, so i had to add in some "regular" food to make up for it. if you're getting rid of processed foods, then you are pretty much already "detoxing" you diet. eat more fruits and veggies, but make sure you are getting all of your nutrients.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,334
4/16/10 10:59 A

Can we PLEASE get a few things perfectly clear:

2) You do NOT retain "Toxins"
3) You cannot "Flush" any so-called "Toxins" from your body by drinking vast quantities of extra water

All of these are false concepts that people have "learned" thanks to the false advertising from the companies that make "Detox" and "Cleanse" products. Your body will remove "toxins" quite effectively as long as your liver and kidneys are functioning, and your kidneys do not need ANY extra water to do their job. If you're not thirsty, you are not dehydrated and your kidneys will be fine.

4/16/10 9:53 A

Ditto all of the above, but I also find that once in while I need to eat extremely cleanly -- lots of brown rice, steamed veggies, fresh fruit, maybe some beans and lentils, and some miso or other fermented soy product (ie not soy milk). Sea vegetables, too. During these periods I restrict most if not all animal products (although I am usually a flexitarian), including eggs and dairy. You might try doing something like that for 3 days, and see how you feel.

Good luck!

SATURDAY63 Posts: 178
4/16/10 9:46 A

Thanks for your feedback. I guess the first place to start is by flushing my system by getting enough water, which I definitely lack!

KLPEFFERS Posts: 987
4/16/10 9:34 A

I did a "cleanse" a few years ago. I didn't loose any real weight but I dropped 5 pounds over 3 days from huge amounts of fluids and no other nutrients. Over the next week 3.5 came back on. I did notice that once it was over, I felt good...not particularly better than before, but not sick.
Its not a weight loss solution, but I had suffered years of chronic digestive health problems. This got "things moving" if you will but it also didn't solve any of those problems either. My trainer recommends 1/2 of your body weight in pounds is how many ounces of water you should drink daily to maintain a healthy "flow" and keep your muscles hydrated and flushed out. Not sure how true it is but I can tell you when I do get enough water I feel substantially better than when I don't.

Long story short...healthy foods, fruits, veggies, lean protiens and whole grains along with lots and lots of water are the best "cleanse" anyone can do.
Best of luck to you!

SARADSEXTON Posts: 1,909
4/16/10 9:24 A

I don't really believe in "detox" either. I think if you just eat healthy your body will find balance.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,910
4/16/10 9:22 A

SP doesn't recommend any kind of cleanses or detoxes. Your body is naturally efficient at removing toxins, and these cleanses can actually do more harm than good. They can mess with the balance of healthy bacteria in your system which can make you sick.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
4/16/10 9:10 A

Junk doesn't stick in the system. No way it possibly could. Cleanses may not all be harmful, but they aren't helpful in any way.

4/16/10 8:54 A

yeah.. its kinda hard!

SATURDAY63 Posts: 178
4/16/10 8:35 A

I've committed to getting rid of the processed foods and to start treating my body the best I can. I feel like I need to do a cleanse and remove the junk that is stuck in my system.

Has anyone done a cleanse? Do I need to use a product to help detoxify or can I do it naturally by only eating broths etc.?

Any and all advice is welcome and needed!! Thanks!

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