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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/19/14 10:09 P

I don't know what Group Power class u went to but the one I go to we do lift heavy and do less reps. We have some weight lifters in our class.

4/18/14 11:18 A

Never done bodypump but currently doing les mills pump program at home. It's awesome!!

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/24/13 3:06 P


I love it and have really toned up in my back, legs, abs and arms..

One word of caution, if you haven't done it start out with very very weight light weights and work your way up.. you will know your getting stronger when you can feel like you can just throw the weights.
I stopped because their times have changed and I can't do it and get there in time.. leave yourself about 10 min before class for setting up and stretch before hand

But it is a great work out!... my calories that I burned was about 435 calories on the avg.

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4/24/13 2:10 P

BodyPump is the BEST! But it takes a few classes to get into what weights works best for you for each track/exercise and to get into the routine of the class. I left my first class feeling underworked and frustrated but on the advice of the instructer, I came back and kept trying, after about 3-4 classes I got the hang of it and now I do it 3 times a week, it's incredible the changes in my body from this. The key is to start slow and work into it, my gym offers 30, 45 and 60minute classes, for a beginner the 30minute ones might be a good idea, they only do squats, chest, back, and core in that class so its a good place to start if you have that option. And don't be afraid to adjust the weights if you feel it's too light or too heavy during each exercise, it's your workout so make sure you benefit from it and not hurt yourself.

My only recommendation is that when you go to the class, approach the instructor beforehand and tell them it's your first one, they'll give you some recommendations and keep an eye on your form throughout the class.

Happy Pumping! emoticon

JNNFR3SMI Posts: 87
4/24/13 1:32 P

My gym just officially introduced it and I love it. definate changes will be noticable, and you can work at your own weight level. once you get used to the routines, don't be afraid to push yourself with the weights. Our instructor is really good, if you start higher than you should, then break and take the weight down. (or increase if necessary) The only thing I do wish is more accurate calorie estimates. I know I burned more than 184 calories in 45 minutes

TCANNO SparkPoints: (367,898)
Fitness Minutes: (213,120)
Posts: 72,859
4/17/13 6:58 A

Online Now  • ))
Not heard of this, so I think I will look into it

A change has to be good

JILLYBEAN60 SparkPoints: (9,722)
Fitness Minutes: (11,871)
Posts: 17
4/17/13 1:10 A

I've been doing body pump for about a year...I'm never sure how to track it...any suggestions? I googled the number of calories burned, (480) but I'm not sure if that's accurate.

COREY04 Posts: 80
2/11/13 2:40 P

What I love about body pump is that it is one hour of strength. I normally run, but then rush through my weight workout. This gives me an hour working every muscle, and sometimes doing exercises I might not do on my own.

2/11/13 1:34 P

I think the important thing it to start light, since you're doing so many reps you will wear out quickly if you try to lift too much weight. You may see if your gym offers a class with a setup option for beginners. You really want to pay attention to your form and make sure you're doing the exercises correctly. Drink plenty of water before, during and after, and don't forget to spend several minutes afterwards stretching (esp. hip flexors and rotator cuffs).

You will build strength as you progress, remember everyone has to start somewhere! Remember to give yourself 48 hours of rest between strength training sessions. I do this class twice/ week.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
2/11/13 11:20 A

I go to body pump classes several times a week. They are great- I've worked myself up over the years to the point where I can't safely add any more weight and be able to lift it over my head. It has REALLY changed my body! Start light and increase weekly in the tracks that you feel you can take more on.

Group Power and Body Pump are the same. Group Power classes are not more weight, less reps. I've done both for several years and they are the same. Body Pump is not the wimpy sidekick to Group Power- they are the same, just different companies. It is up to the individual to decide on the amount of weight.

KLOGSTON Posts: 14
2/11/13 10:46 A

I did my first class on Saturday and HOLY COW!! What a workout! I am still sore today!!! I am going again tonight!!! Then trying Zumba on Thursday

ARANISIA SparkPoints: (4,686)
Fitness Minutes: (5,552)
Posts: 31
2/10/13 12:38 P

I love Bodypump too, though I haven't been in one of their classes for years. It's a very high-intensity class where you go through all the major muscle groups, and especially in the beginning it's really just as much cardio as strength training because it moves so quickly and there are so many reps.

I would start out with light weights too - I've seen big muscly men break down under their 5-kilo plates midway in some of the songs after they originally hoisted the things as if they were made of air. Doing 10 reps with 50 lbs and doing 150 or so are two very, very different things, even if you do 3X10 with breaks in between.

Other than that: Remember to bring water and maybe a small towel to wipe off sweat. It's also typically a good idea to do a light warm-up before going into the class - there is a warm-up section in the beginning, but it's pretty short and at least for me I need more time to get my muscles warmed up to get maximum benefit from the class. And most importantly: Have fun!

MLAN613 Posts: 19,241
2/10/13 9:33 A

I love BodyPump!!! My 2nd gym home offers several classes throughout the week and they just introduced Playlist 84. The class breaks each muscle group into about 5 minute sets and it does go by fast. I would say let the instructor know you're new and you may indeed want to start with light weights.

Also, there are some moves when they use just the plates. I have fairly small hands and usually grab a set of dumbbells for those. And a lot of people do that in the class.

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
2/9/13 2:17 P

I absolutely love Body Pump!

I will also agree that you should start with very light weights...there are TONS of reps. Build up slow, you do not want to injure yourself, especially if you have not been strength training.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/8/13 11:57 P

You can watch YouTube videos on this for an idea. I take Group Power weight lifting classes which are similar to that. The only difference is we lift weights that are heavier and do less reps. I do squats with 50 lbs. and calf raises with 66 lbs. I watched the Pump videos and they said you lift light weights with more reps. I do enjoy my classes very much. So good luck in this. Go enjoy yourself............ emoticon

CLOWNPANTS SparkPoints: (1,355)
Fitness Minutes: (390)
Posts: 34
2/8/13 5:40 P


It will change your life. Not even kidding.

JESSIJESS8058 Posts: 158
2/8/13 4:14 P

My best friend is an instructor but I haven't made it to the class yet :( But... on the 25th she's launching Les Mill's Body Combat and I plan on going to that!

EBSHORT222 Posts: 486
2/8/13 12:19 P

The squat, legs and back, and lunge tracks are ALL cardio. It'll go by fast. I'm sure you'll do fine.

KLOGSTON Posts: 14
2/8/13 12:10 P

Thank you EBSHORT222! I am excited to try this class out! Is there any cardio to this work out or is it strictly strenght and lifting? Thanks for the motivation! First class is tomorrow morning!

EBSHORT222 Posts: 486
2/8/13 11:23 A

Body Pump is a GREAT class!! It is pretty intense but it goes by fast. The only thing I can tell you is if you're strong, be careful when loading your bar. Instead of 12-15 reps you're looking more at 50-100 at different tempos. So, start off slow. And if at anytime you lose form because your weights are too heavy, by all means back the weights down.

KLOGSTON Posts: 14
2/8/13 11:02 A

I signed up for these classes at my gym. I am one week into exercising again and I know I do better when working out in a class, this one looks intense though. Has anyone used this class, how difficult was it? What should I know going into this class?

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