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7/20/13 9:31 P


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7/20/13 9:31 P

FITGLAMGIRL do you want to start this with me too ?

JASMINE133 SparkPoints: (746)
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7/20/13 9:29 P

Thanks for everyone s thoughts on this.I am going to give it a try starting tomorrow( monday here) I know it will be hard and probably lucky to make the 12 days, but I see it as a start that might motivate and inspire me to then switch to a more balanced diet to lost weight.If there is anyone else who wants to join me let me know. And if you would like me to post how its going just let me know

JASMINE133 SparkPoints: (746)
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7/20/13 9:24 P

GevanS7 the one you found seems a little different to the one I was going to attempt

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, black coffee, 1/2 grapefruit or 8 ounces grapefruit juice

Lunch: Salad with salad dressing, unlimited meat, and 1/2 grapefruit or 8 ounces grapefruit juice

Dinner: Red or green vegetables (except starchy ones such as peas, beans, corn, sweet potatoes) or salad, unlimited meat or fish, and 1/2 grapefruit or 8 ounces grapefruit juice

Bedtime snack: 8 ounces skim milk or tomato juice

SUMMIT^SEEKER Posts: 2,495
7/20/13 9:24 P


JASMINE133 SparkPoints: (746)
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7/20/13 9:20 P

How did you go on it steeler 71 ?

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
7/20/13 8:17 A

no..don't think I'm going to....

STEELER71 Posts: 8,048
7/20/13 8:15 A

Yes many years ago.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (320,176)
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7/20/13 8:10 A

It's not meant to be on longer than four days - it won't kill you. I need to do it myself. It is a very strict diet though and deviating from it at all won't produce results. This is it in a nutshell:

Breakfast: Hard boiled egg / 1/2 grapefruit, 3 oz prune juice

Lunch: green salad/tomato/cucumber, 3 oz. lean hamburger patty. 1/2 grapefruit, 3 oz. tomato juice

Dinner: 3 oz. chicken, green beans, green salad, 1/2 grapefruit

You can eat as much salad as you want. Lemon juice dressing only.

BRATFLORIDA SparkPoints: (9,966)
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7/19/13 8:23 P

I love grapefruit but that much acid would keep me in a constant state of heartburn! I would try it though if someone else would prepare the grapefruit!

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
7/19/13 3:34 P

I am going to look that one up. I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks and I need to get some additional weight off. I am all for trying something. I do believe in eating healthy and not fad diets, but I am so close to goal that this might just bring me there.

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7/19/13 3:21 P

Does the mayo stand for Mayonnaise?

I find eating balanced, making healthy choices: enough protein, less carbs, high fibre is the best way to lose weight and adding consistent exercise works the best for me.

ANARIE Posts: 13,204
7/19/13 1:12 P

Here's what WebMD has to say about it:

It's a fad crash diet that your grandmother probably tried. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Mayo Clinics; that name is a flat-out lie/scam that got attached to this diet in chain letters in the 1970s. If you just want to lose a few pounds to fit into a dress, it's not going to kill you (but it's not necessarily easier than any other crash diet.) Grapefruit is useful on a crash diet because it's slow and messy to eat and it's filling for the amount of calories it has. But it's a boring, unpleasant way to live for 12 days just to lose a few pounds that will come back.

If you need to lose a significant amount of weight and improve your health on a permanent basis, you might try the REAL Mayo Clinic Diet.

Of course, the real Mayo Clinic Diet is really just a balanced health diet. It's no different from what SparkPeople recommends, the difference being that you don't have to buy a book to get the information from SparkPeople. If you really want a specific diet mapped out on paper, you could almost certainly get the Mayo Clinic Diet book from your public library.

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7/19/13 10:18 A

No. But I do eat a whole grapefruit daily. Totally addicted.

MISSPEACHES3 Posts: 1,930
7/19/13 9:33 A

@Jasmine33..... I have been on that diet 4 different times. Two of those times I was much younger and not nearly as heavy as I am now. I was just looking to lose weight quickly to fit into a dress.

Yes you can lose some serious weight with that diet. But it is not that good for you and not easy to keep off.

The times I went on that diet as I have gotten older, I realized that it would mess up my sugar. I am not a diabetic, but sometimes have low blood sugar.

Now I am just cutting back and do light exercise. And yes, I am losing weight and keeping it off.

I wish I could offer a simple and quick solution for you and me. I want mine to come off today too. Take your time, it will happen for you.

Good luck.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (367,245)
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7/19/13 7:43 A

Online Now  • ))
I do eat grapefruit as part of my breakfast but not all the time

JASMINE133 SparkPoints: (746)
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7/19/13 7:42 A

thanks for an encouraging reply
i have nothing to lose except weight

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (320,176)
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7/19/13 7:34 A

Yes. TEN POUNDS LOST IN FOUR DAYS AND IT DID STAY OFF. It's a low carb diet and a good way to kick start weight loss or to get back on track. It's healthy and cleansing so there is no reason to be negative.

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7/19/13 7:27 A


JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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7/19/13 7:25 A

No... I don't "diet". I eat healthy and balanced, how I plan on eating for the rest of my life. I plan to keep the weight off permanently. I also don't believe in "starving the weight off"... that just leads to weight loss plateaus by slowing down your metabolism as well as cannibalizing lean muscle/tissue.

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7/19/13 7:11 A

Nope and remember with those diets, you basically have to be committed to eating that way for the rest of your life......start with the basics -- drink 64 oz of water, walk 10,000 steps and make sure you have enough sleep.

JASMINE133 SparkPoints: (746)
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7/19/13 7:02 A

Has anyone been on this diet and if so how much did you lose and what did you think of it?

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