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7/29/13 2:03 A

great ideas

MISSPAM1 Posts: 1,174
7/23/13 3:24 P

I think those are wonderful suggestions. Turn on the music and dance. I bet your hubby would perk up to see you doing a little jig! 10 minutes is all it takes.

YOUNGCRONE SparkPoints: (8,386)
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7/22/13 9:01 A

Can do resistance band exercises right in the same room with him.... can do them sitting, standing (and talking at the same time).... can exercise legs, arms, core.... these little rubber pieces work wonders at strength. Not so much cardio.... but maybe you could rent or buy a stationary bike that you could put in the room where you spend the most time with him. My partner and I read to each other while "biking".... or we watch a video together.... or just enjoy listening to music and sharing each others company....

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (495,995)
Fitness Minutes: (189,340)
Posts: 265,450
7/22/13 12:46 A

emoticon about your husband'a illness you will need to keep yourself as fit as possible to look after him properly I would suggest doing some chair marching among other things while sitting with him

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
10/23/12 8:24 P

Sorry to hear about your husband's illness - but remember, you DO need to take care of yourself, first. I've learned that first hand.

The suggestion of the 10-minute videos on SP is a good one. You could also keep some hand weights or resistance bands near at hand and use those while he's sleeping. Standing calf raises don't require any equipment at all and are very quiet, too.

I think you'll find that doing some exercise will help relieve stress, which I'm sure is a big consideration for you at this difficult time. Take care.

A_SPARKLING Posts: 825
10/23/12 11:16 A

I have learned that to be strong for others it is really important that you take care of you little things that don't take alot of time can make huge differences for you and for those around you...they talk about 10 mins of exercise alot on here...there are lots of videos that you could do a couple of times a day and maybe little short walks outside for fresh air, fresh thoughts to start your day! Little steps...Good-luck! emoticon

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10/23/12 11:06 A

Husband is very sick and I spend a lot of time by his side. I don't want to miss anything. But it is hard then to find time to exercise. And on top of that his doctor wants him eating lots of red meat and that's not part of my diet these days. emoticon

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