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BILL60 Posts: 963,103
4/7/13 5:47 P

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best on your journey.

4/7/13 4:31 P

emoticon to SparkPeople. This is a great place to be to reach your Goals. Look around and join a SparkTeam or a Challenge . Set your goals and start taking steps to achieve them. One step at a time and soon you're heading down a path to a healthier you.

YOU CAN DO IT !! YOU have to believe you're worth your best effort. emoticon

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
4/7/13 11:46 A

Welcome aboard!


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4/7/13 10:49 A

Hi and welcome to Spark People! I'm so glad you joined us! Make the most of this site by joining a team or two, participating on the boards, and making some friends. You'll get lots of inspiration and support here!

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4/7/13 5:30 A

Thanks for all your encouragement to join this marvelous do-something group! Simply put, as an introduction to myself, I am a yo-yo dieter and was last a member of this group many years ago when I weighed probably around 175 pounds. Since then, I lost 98 pounds and gained back 75, then as of 2011-2012 I relost the weight and have been carrying a mere 116 pounds (average) for the past six to 12 months. I feel great, am meeting my expectations on daily exercise and calorie counting and yet, I will always remember that person who can easily let things get out of control. It is one thing to lose the weight but it is another to have it show up once more, and things become out of control once more (the story of my life). I have found that calorie counting (just like keeping a checkbook balanced) is totally essential. I totally empathize with anyone going through any part of the daily struggle and it is always a struggle...I hope to keep in daily touch with all of you in the next weeks. That in itself is a major struggle as I can find more unproductive things to do with my time...I am a retired RN and still have my marbles for the most part. I did go through terrible migraines just before I chose to retire and on into my first ten years of retirement. I did not take responsibility for my weight which I am sure was 98% of the problem...So, here we go! Leslie.

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