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SILVASHAN Posts: 273
4/4/11 9:10 P

im a big fan

DRUMMERBOI86 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/11 8:46 P

Might as well and drink the real deal... diet sodas are nasty.

MICH182 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/11 8:44 P

Hansen's has a solid reputation for not adding chemicals or preservatives so if it's the chemicals that concern you I think an occasional Hansen's is perfectly fine.

I like the occasional ginger ale (like once a month) so I buy cans even though it's move expensive then a two liter because it helps me only drink one glass without the whole thing going bad.

As for soda water, I used to drink it a lot when I first stopped drinking soda. Try adding fresh lemon, lime or orange.

4/4/11 5:37 P

Personally I don't do any "diet" foods or drinks because of what they put in them. I have heard that if you put a little fruit or vegetable juice in a glass with club soda it tastes like soda but I have not had any desire for soda in years so I have not honestly tried it. Good luck in your search.

SWEETDARLA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/11 2:26 P

I used to drink Hansen's diet soda. It did help me cut back (expensive and not as tasty as diet pepsi/coke) until I finally quit the habit.

Anarie, I had never heard about the fertility thing with stevia. I used it almost daily for several years before having my kids and still use it to this day. If there's a link to infertility with stevia, I must've gotten lucky. All 3 of my kids were conceived on the 1st try.

BUSYMOM16 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/11 2:25 P

I think I'll finish this six pack and then look for a carbonated water. I just don't want to get back on the soda bandwagon because I've broken the cycle. It's made with splenda, but I do appreciate your advice on that topic. We are finished having children but that's still frightening!

CRISPY20 Posts: 342
4/4/11 2:18 P

I don't think it's better or bad. If you're comfortable with the ingredients & want to use it occasionally, that's fine. I found a brand of sparkling water that is flavored with essences from fruit oils & extracts, no sweeteners of any kind. I like that sometimes when I want something bubbly with flavor. Maybe you could look for something like that. The brand is Talking Rain, but I'm not sure if it's only available in the northwest.

ANARIE Posts: 13,199
4/4/11 1:59 P

What sweetener does it use? If it's stevia (maybe listed as PureVia, TruVia, reb-A, or rebaudiana), then you shouldn't use it if you're interested in having children, and you should discourage any men in your life from using it. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about concentrated stevia's effects on fertility, especially in men. It's probably safe, but the testing was stopped before there was any convincing proof.

If you're past childbearing age or you already have all the kids you want, then it's probably fine to use it in small amounts.

If it has sucralose (I kind of think it does, because I have bought their diet Ginger Ale and I wouldn't buy it with stevia), then there's no problem with having it now and then as a treat. Sucralose is one of the most carefully studied products on the planet, and there's no evidence that it's harmful in any way. They've tried everything, but you can't hurt a rat with Splenda unless you drown him in it. It's not "good for you" because it has no nutritional value, but you don't expect your diet soda to have benefits.

However, you actually asked, "Is this way better than soda?"

No. It's not. It IS soda. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Hansen's diet drinks don't say "natural" on the label. Their sugared sodas do, but that's a marketing choice. 7-Up briefly put "all-natural" on their labels, too. They took it off because it didn't sell, not because it wasn't true. Drink Hansen's if you like the taste. It's nicer and has higher-quality ingredients than some other diet root beer brands, but it won't act differently inside your body.

BUSYMOM16 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/11 1:27 P

I've given up soda but occasionally I like the carbonation. I picked up a six pack of Hansen's Diet Root Beer and it tastes pretty good as a treat. It has no calories or sugar and I recognize most of the ingredients which include Acacia and Licorice Root. Anyway, is this still pretty bad or is this way better than soda. If it's just as bad I assume not drink it either.

P.S. Giving up soda was a personal choice, not necessarily saying you can't fit it in to your calories. I just think soda has so many chemicals. That might just be me though.

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