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GR8BY48 Posts: 149
12/15/12 6:31 P

Yeah, it seems like they want to tell you how best to lose the weight. For me, I KNOW what works best for me, and that's what I plan on doing! This place is actually pretty overwhelming and sometimes I get lost just trying to find where I posted last, whether I should write in my journal, or my blog (think that's a little overkill if you ask me). It's just so huge....

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
12/15/12 8:55 A

When I joined Sparks over five years ago, it was a place where everyone did what worked for them, but now they have the book, cookbook, videos, etc. etc. that they are selling, so it isn't like it was. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. That is what matters.

LOSINGME23 SparkPoints: (2,906)
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Posts: 47
12/14/12 7:14 P

I normally only track my fitness minutes. I keep a journal of what I eating and occasionally enter it on SP. Keeping a journal gives me an idean of what Im eating (unhealthy) and helps to try and keep it clean. I agree, there is alot of info. here and support!!!!

GR8BY48 Posts: 149
12/14/12 8:58 A

Even though I have not recorded my foods here, I *am* hanging in there. It's annoying that SP won't keep the changes that I make to my nutritional goals. Apparently it doesn't want me to be on a low carb diet, lol. So I don't know if I will actually stick to recording here; may stay on just to read and be encouraged though. I think what I might do, now that I am over being mad at SP, it to just go ahead and record, and who cares if "they" are yelling at me that I am not meeting the nutritional profile they set for me!

I do think that I can benefit by the information here, so I think I will track for a week and see how agrravating it gets...

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