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12/7/09 2:42 P

I know, all deli meats pretty much have a ton of salt... also soup, bread/bagels even if they don't taste salty, cheese, canned beans, tomato sauce... it's very frustrating sometimes. I hate when I eat something like that without realizing just how salty it is. emoticon

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12/7/09 11:19 A

I especially notice salty foods after I haven't been eating a lot of them. I haven't been eating much ham these days or any deli meats, so when I DO have them, I always think they taste salty, even if I didn't think so in the past. I tend to make my chicken a little more on the "bland" side, but I enjoy it and don't mind it that way. I'd rather not have all that salt! When I buy deli meats, I've been reading the nutrition facts to try to choose one lower in sodium. A lot of hams have over 20% of your sodium for the day just in one small serving. I have found certain turkeys that have a bit lower, so I usually stick with that!

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12/7/09 11:16 A

Ham is FULL of salt because that is how it is "cured"

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12/7/09 11:12 A

I have started watching my sodium intake in the past few months because of water retention. I had the same thing happen after Thanksgiving with ham. Sometimes it is tough to stay under 2300 mg of sodium but I really notice the water retention weight gain if I don't!

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12/7/09 10:56 A

Went to my mom's for lunch yesterday and enjoyed a great Sunday dinner. Spiral cut ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc. Everything was measured of course and I stayed within calorie range but my WORD I can really tell that 2 slices of ham really did the job on me. I took some leftovers home (ham) and we had ham sandwiches. I drank over 100 oz of water and probably "then some" because I could taste the salt in my mouth all day long.

Well... I believe in water retention now. I have officially gained 5 lbs from it but that is okay. It will go away in a few days.

I just never really knew how high the salt content in ham was til now.

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