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10/24/14 1:18 P

It would be great if it's all muscle and increased glycogen stores. I guess I'll get my body fat measured again to see if that's the case. I have a hard time believing i added that much muscle while running a calorie deficit.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
10/22/14 5:46 P

if you are maintaining some of the training practices from your half, then it's probably mostly muscle that you have gained. in other words, at that level of fitness you carry around a little more muscle, which in turn means you weigh more. which means that in order to lose you have to lower your level of fitness. even up to 120 lbs [or anywhere in the 120s] isn't an unreasonable weight for someone who is fit and your height.

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10/22/14 4:41 P

My half marathon was 2.5 weeks ago and it was a wonderful experience.

But I'm unhappy that I appear to have gained 6 lbs since August. I was eating under 1400 calories when I asked this question months ago, Now I eat about 1450 most days and 1500-1600 once or twice a week (long run day and sometimes the day after). I guess I did need to eat more because my periods have returned after a six month absence, but I'm scared that I have gained 2 lbs a month three months In a row.

How long should I let this go, hoping it will stabilize, before lowering my calories back to 1400/day?

It just doesn't make any sense to me that I keep gaining weight with this activity and calorie level. My spark nutrition goal says I should be able to eat 1500-1800 every day to maintain.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
7/13/14 7:35 P

Yes. Eat more and good for you, training for a half!!

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7/13/14 2:24 P

Thank you for the advice. I will gradually increase calories and see how I feel. I have had energy for my workouts but not much leftover for daily activities. That's probably indicates that I do indeed need to eat a little more.

7/13/14 2:04 P

Don't jump 200 calories everyday all at once!!
It may be best if you do this gradually.
Since you report eating 1400 calories daily....
Then for the next 7 days, increase to 1450.
Then for the next 7 days, add 50 calories more 1500.

All along testing your energy level.
You will then discover the calorie range that maintains your weight--but gives you enough energy.

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7/13/14 1:37 P

I will try not to freak out when the scale goes up. That is mentally tough for me. emoticon

7/12/14 11:30 A

Yes, weight gain may occur. Estimate a possible 3-5 pounds??? This may mostly be fluid changes--not body fat.


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7/12/14 11:11 A

Yes, thanks Becky. I'm scared to eat more but I ate more yesterday and definitely woke up with more energy today despite not sleeping well.

Am I correct in assuming that a little weight gain is normal and temporary under these circumstances?

7/12/14 10:29 A

I agree---you do need to be eating more.
And while maybe the upper end (2100) is slightly too high to maintain your weight; 1400 is definitely too low. So aim for about 1600-1800. See how you feel on this amount.

I am guessing that you are going to feel so much better, much more energy---that you will just automatically be able to give more intensity to your runs and workouts; and even more intensity to your daily activities (not feeling so sluggish). Thus you will be burning more calories 24/7. This turn-around can take 1-2 weeks. Does this make sense?


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7/11/14 3:40 P

DIETICIAN BECKY, that range of 1480-1830 includes me setting my fitness goal calorie burn at 1800/week and weight goal as maintaining. This week I burned more - 2300. When I plugged in that number, my calorie range only went up by 40 calories. 1520-1870.

I do aim for 50-55% carbs daily. Less than that and I just don't have the energy for long runs.

I guess technically I've been eating less than recommended (around 1400 many days) but my weight has stayed the same for a month now. Of course it makes sense I need to eat more now that I'm exercising more. I just feel like maybe I need to eat more on long run days and less on short run days/kettlebell days/rest days.

Thanks for the help! This is new to me - both maintaining a big weight loss and training for an endurance event!

ETA - I connected my nutrition and fitness trackers and the new range starts at 2100 for today. Wow. So clearly, I need to eat a lot more on long run days.

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7/11/14 3:26 P

I entered your data using our SP program set with a sedentary lifestyle and with the goal to maintain weight. I got a calorie range of 1280-1630.
Then I entered a calories burned for the week of 5000 through exercise.
And the calories jumped to 1940-2290.

I share this info as an example of the need to update your program as accurately as possible.
I agree you are not eating enough. Yes, you will have to experiment to see the calorie range that maintains your weight and also provides you with adequate energy to meet your exercise needs, recovery needs, etc. And I also encourage you to make sure your are getting enough carbohydrates---with at least 50% of your calories coming from carbs based on your calorie range.

I am guessing that this will probably be in the 1800-2100 range.
So re-enter your data with:
--current weight
---weight maintenance as your goal
---and accurate calories burned through exercise weekly ( for example: is this 3000, 4000, 5000 weekly?)

Does this help?
Please share the range that you get.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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7/11/14 2:33 P

Yes, I am female. Age 44. Height 5'2". Weight 112 pounds.

7/11/14 1:38 P

I assume you are female?
How tall are you?
What is your weight?
What is your age?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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7/11/14 1:30 P

I am training for my first half marathon and have no idea how much additional I should eat on long run days.

I usually eat around 1400 calories per day. I'm trying to maintain my weight now - my doctor said not to lose any more weight. I do a 55 min kettlebell class 2x/week and run 3x/week (30-45 min twice and 60-120 once). Spark says my calorie range to maintain is 1480-1830. I will only be running more than an hour once every two weeks.

I have consumed 200 calories in additional snacks (toast and jam pre run and Shot Bloks during) so far today.

Sparkpeople estimates my BMR at 1470. My Garmin says I burned 940 on today's 11 mile run. So how many calories should I consume today to keep my weight stable?

I'm scared that I will gain weight while training because I've heard lots of stories about that. But my last long run of 9.5 miles, I was exhausted for two days and my running friends said it was because I didn't eat enough to compensate.

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