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MOKIKI Posts: 98
7/9/14 2:51 P

Day 3: July 9, 2014

The first few days are off to a decent start. With the help of green smoothies and plenty of fresh produce, my body is definitely getting its fill of fruits and veggies... which is a big improvement from the past few weeks (lots of chicken fingers, hamburgers, crackers, cheese, ice cream...)! I've already dropped a pound and feel better all-around.

Pre-training is going well. I ran 3.5 miles on Monday, hiked yesterday, and ran 2 miles today, with some speed work. I beat my own PR for the mile, so I'm slowly getting my time down! My short-term goal is to be able to run 3 miles with a consistent pace by July 28. I'm hoping to get up early enough tomorrow to log 5 miles. Here's hoping!

MOKIKI Posts: 98
7/8/14 9:20 A

That's some great info -- thank you for that! I've never been much of a runner, so a half marathon is going to be a big challenge for me. I don't think I'd ever have the patience to do a full marathon!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,587
7/8/14 12:42 A

A couple of years ago PBS-TV had a special on training 12 people for the Boston Marathon. It was through the doctors of Tufts U. in Boston. They found after five months of training that they were ready to run a half-marathon. One woman had to drop out because of a foot injury. But the other 11 went on to train four more months and then run the Boston Marathon. What they found was that with the Half Marathon they got 90% of the health benefits and going on to do the full marathon only gave them 10% more and it greatly increased the injury rate, so they concluded that a Half Marathon was more than enough for health.

MOKIKI Posts: 98
7/7/14 8:51 P

I officially signed up for my very first half marathon last week! It's in mid-October, so my actual training begins at the end of July, but I need to start getting my body into gear right away. I'm about 12 pounds heavier than my ideal weight, and feeling pretty out of shape.

I've had a rough few months due to lots of moving around and never truly feeling "settled." Our new place is slowly coming together and feeling like home, and life is finally finding a new normal. This is huge for me, since a regular routine is a huge factor to my success! Now my goal is consistency in all aspects of my life -- eating right, exercising, staying productive, and taking care of myself every. single. day.

My simple plan is to get back into the habit of using SP daily. When I track all of my food and exercise on top of writing in my journal, it truly makes a big difference in terms of keeping myself motivated. My other short term goals are:
- exercise in some way every day (run 15 miles/week until training begins)
- eat well. stick to my calorie goals and stay on top of fruit/veggie intake - at least 5 servings/day
- do 25 pushups every day
- limit tv to one hour/day
- eat only at the table (not in front of the tv or at my desk)

That about covers it! I'm excited to begin this journey and focus on taking incredible care of myself, so my body will prepared and ready for 13.1 come fall.

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