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CJ2BHEALTHY SparkPoints: (20,320)
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3/19/13 8:29 A

Same thing happened to me with my new scale it was 4lbs higher too, strange.

ZIGFISH Posts: 1,459
3/19/13 8:07 A

Any way to change your start weight so you can still show your great loss but adjust for this scale?

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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3/19/13 6:00 A

I prefer to measure bi-weekly and then weigh-in once a month

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/19/13 5:41 A

I used to put a 10 pound dumbbell on the scales to see if it was accurate (or at least half-way accurate) before I weighed myself (when I was losing weight). Now I don't really go by the weight and more so how my clothes fit.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (597,954)
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3/19/13 12:33 A

Make sure the scale is working correctly.

SASSYBRUN Posts: 192
3/18/13 11:21 P

You did lose 15 lbs! Just means your initial weight was higher to begin with (at least according to your new scale). I can fluctuate as much as 3 lbs during the day.

Your story reminded me of a tv show, Ruby, ths woman fom Savannah and her weight loss story. She had a kick ** scale that her roommate borrowed to weigh in people at work. It broke the scale without her knowing, and when she thought she was losing weight she actually gained some. She found out at a visit to the nutritionist. It was a lot of weight, 30 lbs, very discouraging. I felt so bad for her.

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (68,476)
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3/5/13 6:39 P

Theoretically, scales, if set to zero, should weigh pretty much equally no matter which scale is used. Of course, that's not always the case in the real world. emoticon I only weigh on one scale...the one at my local family doctor's office. It's one of two identical digital scales and I've used the weight from that scale since before day one of my weight loss regimen. It would be best, I think, to use one scale all the time...even if that means buying one for the home and not using other scales (at least not for your "official" weight loss).

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SONICB Posts: 4,381
3/5/13 2:55 P

It is a little annoying that scales can differ by so much. I think a common piece of advice on these threads is not to fixate on that number on the scale and to just use it was a measure of progress--you still lost 15 pounds!

BETHANN34 SparkPoints: (4,882)
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3/5/13 2:35 P

If your scale isn't synced to anything could you just subtract the 4 lbs when you weigh? I ordered a new scale but haven't received it yet. I am curious to see just how different I weigh on it compared to the one at home and the one at the gym. I weigh different on each on of those too. Good Luck!

IROCK40 SparkPoints: (6,743)
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3/5/13 2:30 P

My old and trusty scale died.... gasped its last breath. I wonder if I killed it ;) just kidding.

New scale weighs 4 lbs heavier than old scale. What do I do about my weight tracking? It is certainly not super motivating to have instantaneously gained 4 lbs. I know the truth but I am proud of my You Lost 15lbs! and have no idea how to proceed with future weigh ins.

What to do?

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