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9/23/13 9:27 A

Note: I'm not a rider, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Honestly, cardio involves big, rhythmic movements, that gets your heart rate up. While other activities can do so, the equation's not accurate for those because the relationship to your heart rate and calorie burn isn't the same. What I'm thinking of is strength training; your horse is doing cardio, but your work is more strength-based. While you're absolutely working out, building strength, etc, I don't know that it's true cardio, and that your HRM is going to accurately reflect calorie burn. You're not actually getting that rhythmic engagement and motion you need to count as cardio. Strength has other benefits... calorie burn isn't one of them. You're sitting or standing... but not in a way that triggers heart-healthy benefits.

I would consider it more strength training, and take any HRM readings with a grain of salt. I don't think it's really equipped to translate such an outlier activity; HRMs work best with known, studied exercises like walking, running, and biking... when you get outside of those, it gets less and less accurate.

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9/23/13 7:33 A

It's central europe, so it was on the cool side (16/18C?). I did overdress a bit, so I ended up taking my sweatshirt off and riding in just my thermal shirt and a vest. After that I didn't feel overdressed at all... though I only took the sweatshirt off a good 10-15 min into the first ride.
How much more do you think that could have added?

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9/23/13 6:47 A

What was the weather like? I know HRMs are inaccurate for hot yoga because being in a hot room raises your heart rate, so if it's in the high thirties or so where you are that might have raised your heart rate when you were riding, more so than the actual riding itself did.

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9/22/13 11:20 A

I guess my Q is why would the HRM be inaccurate,
and at what times should I not use it to put in my caloric burn?

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9/22/13 8:55 A

Actually it was on the easy side (no galloping at all) because of the conditions. Posting most of the time, going over logs (I don't know what they're called in english, sry...), some control stuff (transitions, dressage tricks, etc). These are the kind of horses you need to constantly push to get moving, but still...

I was quite soaked when I got home, but I don't think it was as bad as insanity (and that I'm lucky to get over 300 in 40 min on the same HRM)

my stats were
avg 166 (max 187)
424cal / 43min (42.50)

avg 157 (max 185)
475cal / 53min (53.28)

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9/22/13 8:38 A

That would put your approximate average heart rate at 165 bpm. I'm not sure of your exact target heart rate but at least for me that would be pretty close to my maximum heart rate of around 170ish. So I'm assuming here that it is likely around or close to your 75-85% MHR?

Does that *feel* right to you? Do you feel you are working at that intensity?

I used to do jumping and dressage and although it's a great workout (especially doing what is essentially squats for up to an hour) I never felt as though I was working at 75-85%. If I were to guess, going by feel I'd say it'd probably put me more at around the 60-70% mark?

I put your info into the Health Stats calorie calculator just to get a rough estimate and I got 315 cals per 40 mins of trotting and 390 cal per 40 mins of galloping. So if you were galloping nearly the entire time, it is possible you could be burning that much.

So it's up to you what you want to enter but to be fair to myself I always go with the lower estimate. Just keep testing it out every time you ride to get a better idea.

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9/22/13 7:37 A

So I just had my first riding lessons since getting my HRM... so I decided to wear it. Now, I know this stuff is hard work, but the readout on my HRM is a bit *too* good to be true!
Its saying I burned close to 450cal in just over 40min!
Does this seem right to you, or is there a known reason why HRM's over estimate this, etc?
(this wasn't even a hard ride!)

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