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7/20/13 1:01 P

Hi i am using my meal plan and my tracker they already tell me what i should eat for breakfast, snack and lunch, and snack and supper, also i can have another snack at night my nutritionist sent me a meal plan in the mail, any way how do i set my tracker for prediabetes please let me know i have been losing weight which is awesome because i am portioning out my meals thanks how can i add you so if i have any questions i can ask you also i wanted to know do you have prediabetes and high cholesterol just wondering?

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7/13/13 2:08 P

Are you using the Sparkpeople nutrition tracker, or a plan given to you by a dietitian? I'm unclear on that point from your post.

You can set your Sparkpeople Nutrition Tracker to give you suggestions for a meal plan for pre-diabetes. You don't have to eat everything that plan says, but it might give you some ideas for the types of foods that will be best for you, in the portions that you need. And if you track what you do eat, you can run the reports to make sure you're getting the protein and fat amounts you have been prescribed by your dietitian.

It's an adjustment, good luck!

CHRISSY524 SparkPoints: (30,090)
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7/11/13 3:42 P

Hi i am a prediabetic i am using my meal plan and i am trying to portion out my food, it says that i can have a high protein for breakfast, and for lunch, i can only have 1400 calories, and 135 carbs, 100-110 protein and 40 to 50 fat a day so i wanted to know if anyone would know how i can make this into a meal plan i have one i am going by now but it does not say the measurements or onces on it. could you let me know if anyone else out there is a prediabetic and has the same meal plan as i do? could you let me know asap thanks

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