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1/30/13 1:16 P

What about running up and down the steps?

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/30/13 1:15 P

I wouldn't do 30/30 with those types of exercises. There are plenty of other routines about doing the same stuff for 5-10 minutes then a rest.

For true HIIT you want to do the equivalent of sprinting a 100m dash. These types of exercise just aren't the right type to do real HIIT with, except possibly jumping jacks. Most of the others are either not full body movements, or they're so complicated in movement they're not something you can 'sprint' with (mountain climbers).

So it's a great routine! Just do it for maybe the 3.5 minutes that 30 seconds of each would take, then rest 1 min, then repeat.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/30/13 12:57 P

I would consider that an awesome workout. You don't want to continually repeat the same one every day or even every other day.

Add in
squat jacks
high knees
plank rows
jump rope
banded punches
flutter kicks
box jumps
and there are so many more

I usually choose 6 exercises. I have three or 4 different time groups-- 1 minute a piece, 6 exercise no break, after all 6 are done take a minute or two break and then do it again
20 on 20 off as in tabata x3
30 on 30 off x3
50 on 10 off x3
20 on 10 off x3

unless i am doing the minute cycle, i repeat each exercise 3x before moving on to the next one. I work between 90-100 of my heart rate.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/30/13 11:37 A

Jump squats, burpees, jumping jacks, football sprints, tuck jumps, X Jacks all for in place, more cardio oriented exercises. You can sprint up and down stairs or up and down a block outside as well.

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1/30/13 11:17 A

here is a great Spark article on HIIT

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1/30/13 11:14 A

Hey all!

I am currently doing forms of interval training, but I want to step it up and do some HIIT.
My goal is to lose weight.
I was thinking if you could give some idea's on what HIIT routines I can do at home.
I have no exercise machines, I only have dumbbells.

So, what you think?

I was thinking of doing this...
(30seconds High Intense workout, followed by 30seconds of rest)

1) Bodyweight Squats.
2) Dumbbell Floor-press (Bench press, but on the floor).
3) Bodyweight Lunges.
4) Dumbbell Shoulder Press.
5) Jumping Jacks
6) High-Knee's Sprinting on the spot.
7) Burpees or Mountain Climbers.

Repeat this twice, for a total of 14 intervals= 14minutes workout time.

Is this a good workout?

Also, do you have any other idea's for a HIIT routine at home?

Thanks all!

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