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1/26/13 5:39 P

Perfect will try it, thank you :-)

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1/26/13 4:58 P


I wouldn't start HIIT unless you can (maybe you already can?) comfortably jog for an hour.

If you can't do that yet, work on that.

However, HIIT principles can be used in many ways. Why not try this next time you're working out? It's a Tabata Protocol 4 minute HIIT workout...

Warmup! (Very important step!)
For 20 seconds, do as many squat thrusts as you can. This is where you squat down, then as you stand up you also extend your arms above your head (if you have no blood pressure problems) and reach up. No weights - just body weight. Rapid movement is the aim, not perfect form.
For 10 seconds rest. Just wait.

Repeat x8. For four minutes. You will be hating the last two sets, and should be VERY exhausted after the entire thing.

Cool down with a 5 minute walk.

See how you feel the next day. Always wipes me out when I haven't done it in a while.

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1/26/13 4:53 P

Thank you :-)

I do plan on gradually increasing the speed to running so it will prepare me for HIIT, Is that correct?

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1/26/13 4:47 P

That's not HIIT. That's using intervals, but it's not HIIT.

HIIT is like this:

Warm up first.
Then 30 seconds at a full sprint.
Then 90 seconds recovery walk.
Repeat 10x.

Anything you can do for a whole minute isn't "high intensity" in this definition of it. You are perfectly fine to do that workout every day! :)

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1/26/13 4:28 P

I don't understand, i would love to do hiit everytime i go to the gym, this is what i am currently doing please someone correct me if i am wrong but i like it......i also do strength training every other hiit that i am currently doing, warm up for 5 minutes which is 2 minutes at 3.6 speed/0 incline, next is 3 minutes at 3.3 speed at a 3 incline.....

then i do 5 minutes of a walk at 3.4 speed at a 5 incline

ast step.....then i lower the speed back down to 3.4 speed at a 7 incline i then pause for 30 seconds then repeat the last step till i hit 30 minutes, then i go onto strength training

I plan on adding 5 minutes each week and increasing the speed by .1

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1/26/13 2:14 P

I'm cautious about your intent of HIIT to "speed up weight loss". Can you define how you plan to use it, what else you're doing, etc?

No exercise on the planet "speeds up weight loss". Exercise doesn't work that way. Exercise is great, but whether you did a steady state session and burned 300 calories or did an HIIT session and burned 300 calories, is NOT going to make a difference to your weight loss.

HIIT is a great way to burn a lot of calories quickly, but should not be done often, especially if you're just taking it up. It's incredibly taxing on your body. So one 20 minute session once a week for at least a month. Then maybe you can do 2 sessions a week.

As you can see, by limiting you to that infrequently being able to do it, it's not a "fix" button for weight loss. It's just one more tool in your weight loss arsenal.

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1/26/13 10:10 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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1/26/13 9:59 A

Google "HIIT Workouts" and you'll find examples of some workouts

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1/26/13 9:55 A

does anyone know where i can get some HIIT programs for beginners programs to speed up weight loss?

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