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JUDYPOPPINS Posts: 17,679
1/14/13 12:57 P

emoticon You have overcome a lot. So I know you can do this. Check out the teams...there are several that could be a help to you. Add some friends (feel free to add me) and let the journey begin. A journey shared is also easier and more fun.


MARILYNS70 Posts: 19,988
1/14/13 12:35 P

Welcome to sparks so glad you found us

Take a few minutes and make up a sparkpage - make it public allowing members to post a comment to you on it

Remember to participate as often as possible on all the groups you have joined - lots of encouragement when you do

If I can be of help please let me know

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1/14/13 12:30 P

Hello and emoticon !! My name is Angela and I have been on this site since June. Congratulations on taking your first steps to a brand new you and a new weight loss experience where you are supported by en entire community of like-minded people. This website is dedicated to helping people who want a healthier lifestyle including issues with eating healthy and exercising, as well as support forums where we talk about specific issues.

So welcome and enjoy! If you have questions, you can always reach out and send me a SparkMail, or stop by my SparkPage at the link below. We can do this together, with encouragement and support from others, and SparkPeople has really great resources for any kind of workout or condition!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, and Enjoy!
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LARRI2010 Posts: 4,659
1/14/13 10:31 A

emoticon to Spark People!

The great thing about SP is there is something for everyone here. There is a chair exercise group for people who need to exercise but cannot stand up for long periods of time or who must sit all the time.

There is hope even before the cast comes off!

Good luck!

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1/14/13 10:22 A

I am 52 I have MS was diagnosed in 1986, was doing fine till I broke three toes on my left foot. Put me in a cast for moths. And that caused the MS to flare up. So no exercise and the weight just piled on. Well mt shrink put me on weird med that made me put on weight too. But the no exercise was the worst part. So after a lot of depression I go to my neurologist and we find out that the meds I am on are no longer working, so I have to make a choose. A pill or an infusion once a month. So I choose the infusion that could potently kill me. Oh well I have been a risk taker so why not with this medicine? It has done well so far, just a few minor problems. Nothing to make me want to stop it. I have 2 daughters one 30 she is married, one 25 she is still single. I have a great boyfriend he takes really good care of me. Much better than my X husband would have. I have had 2 car wrecks one in March didn't do too much to the car, but the one I had in Nov, 27, 2013 totaled it and broke my left ankle. So here I go again waiting on bones to heal so I can exercise. My arms have gotten strong but my legs are going to be tough to work on. But once this cast comes off therapy will start. The I can begin the real work!!

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