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7/16/12 11:07 A

Start with a simple mantra-mine today is "TAKE ACTION." If I take action each day, I can do this. AA has the write mindset: One day at a time.

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7/16/12 10:41 A

You just decide.

You decide to stop being hard on yourself and you decide to love yourself more. You decide you want to feel pride and self satisfaction. You decide you are the most important thing on your to do list.

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7/16/12 9:46 A

I'll also do whatever I can to not make that food readily available, such as:

- I don't keep junk food or foods that really tempt me in my house.
- I don't keep cash on me, so it's hard to go to the vending machine or grab a quick snack.
- I will purposefully take the bus/subway home in a different route to avoid getting off at the stop where the pizza place is (not joking here) and it has the added bonus of giving me extra walking time.
- If I'm tempted to order delivery, I make myself wait approximately how long it would have taken to have it delivered, to see if I still want it. Example: if it takes Dominos 30 minutes to get to my house, and I get the urger for pizza at 7:00 PM, I won't let myself place an order until at least 7:30 PM so I can tell if it's just a passing craving.

Do what you have to do to keep going. The best quote I've seen is "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you".

7/16/12 9:45 A

Since you're new to the process and new to SparkPeople (WELCOME! by the way), I'd suggest starting slowly. SparkPeople's way of living is just that, it's not a diet. There is no all or nothing here. If you crave the pizza so much try eating half the slices you normall wold, or 1/3 of the slices or even just one less slice. And make sure to track everything you eat in the Nutrition Tracker. Baby steps. Pretty soon you'll have tiny success and you can build on those. One less slice of pizza today will lead to two less bites of ice cream tomorrow. I speak from experience :). You can do this TODAY. In fact, today is yesterday's tomorrow so let's go!

7/16/12 9:13 A

do not wait for motivation to get u. create your own motivation. agree with those that said get up and move right now.

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7/16/12 6:27 A

Get a dog. I'm serious. I can make more excuses than anyone to not exercise, but those litle puppy eyes and his energy force me to take him for long walks. I walk him 2-3 times a day, anywhere from 1-3 miles each walk. So while the sessions may be broken up, over the course of the day, I burn a lot of calories.

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7/16/12 6:11 A

I work my plan, and my plan will work.

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7/16/12 4:40 A

First, get up and go for a walk. RIGHT NOW. Find a hill, and time how long it takes to get to the top and back (mine is about an hour). Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can knock five minutes of that time - bang - you've got yourself some exercise motivation.

Second, when you get back from that walk, if you're still craving pizza (unlikely, you'll probably be craving water), sit down, log in, and put the pizza into your tracker. Is there room for it, allowing for you meeting all your goals? If so, great, you can have it. If not, play around with your meal plan to work out something that will give you some of the same satisfaction but allow you to stay within your nutritional guides.

Third. Don't keep icecream in the house. If you really want one, you have to walk to get it. Walking to my local dairy (part-way up that big hill) burns off 25% of my favourite icecream-on-a-stick. If it fits into my daily allowances, I'm allowed it. AND I get exercise points!

Underlying all of this is the daily allowances. If I go too far under, try to restrict myself too much, I cave pretty quickly. If I try to sit at the upper end of my allowances, I feel better, and the weightloss takes care of itself because I'm not getting cravings all the time. So make friends with your trackers. emoticon

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7/15/12 8:05 P

The real question is-is it a diet or a life change? If it really is a life change, then you need to work pizza and ice cream into your life.
Realize that your body, your best friend, is a whiner. Fine. Just make deals with your friend. Pizza is dinner only on Sunday night with leftovers on Monday lunch. Body wants pizza on Wednesday-silly body-it's not Sunday. When Sunday comes, give your friend exactly what it wants- don't put squash on it if its not what you like. Can't overeat this way either-silly body, what will we have for lunch tomorrow if we eat it all now?
Ice cream once a week-when? Tuesday after baseball with the team? Friday night after a hard week? Plan it into your week and your body will know its coming each week without whining (as much)
You do not need to exercise more as a punishment for eating your favorites. Food is not a punishment or reward-it is life. All things in moderation. Slow and steady wins the race-long term.

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7/15/12 6:17 P

A great discovery made recently in the body building community: your metabolism is not gonna change if you cut your meals number to 1 or 2 a day. I, personnaly, skip breakfast (this is not a most important meal of the day, as discovered), then I have little of freshly squized vegetable juice at 3 PM. Then I have normal dinner at 7-8PM; calories may be high (for me it is 400-500 cal a meal). My total caliries count will be slightely lower then normal, but I can loose gtreatly weight and most important I can live my life without worriing about those pesky small meals. I have no food cravings and don't feel hungry all day long untill dinner time. My sugar is low all day exept dinner time, there is no insuline spikes after all those numerouse meals and body fat has a chance to be burned. If you familiar with mechanism of fat burning you must know that it happens only in absence of insuline in your blood. It is a great way to maintain my low body weight of 119lb. I recommend it to all people who want to follow healthy eating plan.

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7/15/12 5:29 P

@Englteach - just motivated me. I really like the list of mini meal ideas you submitted. I'm having a hard time finding simple small meals. You were a great help!

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7/15/12 4:59 P

Oh, and re: cravings, try to change your mindframe on that too. There is a tendency to say, "Go ahead, treat yourself, eat pizza." But that is NOT a treat. It will NOT make you feel better. It will probably make you feel bloated, and even guilty. Allow yourself 1x a week where you give in to a reasonable portion of something you love/crave, and the rest of the week, when you have a craving, do something else that you "deserve!" Read a great book, call your best friend, take a quick walk, sounds corny, but it really really works once you get used to it!!! :)

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7/15/12 4:55 P

If someone told you you could be the happiest and most at peace you've EVER been, wouldn't you want that to start RIGHT NOW? Instead of thinking, I have to diet, I have to exercise, focus on what that all will bring. Say, if I could walk around in a bathing suit all summer and feel totally at ease, why would I want to put that off ANY longer?

With that mentality, you can do anything. Stay focused on the good, the positive, and you will get there. Exercise to FEEL great. Eat to FEEL great. Make feeling great your new goal!

7/15/12 4:53 P

One thing you can do TODAY to motivate you for tomorrow--Make a list and go shopping for 200-300 calorie mini-meals. I eat five mini-meals each day (1 meal every three hours). This keeps me within my limits without hunger. Drink water between meals, and you won't feel hungry. The mini-meals are all easy/quick to put together, and some of them don't require cooking. Some of the mini-meals are junk, too, for my "weaker" moments.

Some of my favorites:
lite pimento cheese sandwich
baked sweet potato fries
microwave popcorn
Jose Ole bean/cheese burrito
packet of Starkist Tuna Creations (with chopped onion, red and green pepper, and cilantro!)
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
toasted English muffin with Laughing Cow
mozzarella string cheese dipped in pizza sauce
homemade veggie soup
lowfat egg salad sandwich
frozen edamame pods (steam in microwave)

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7/15/12 4:42 P

I've so been there ... running joke around our place using "tomorrow" only its not funny. I was always a "monday" kind of person. What happend to me is I just decided enough was enough and I got off my duff and went for a walk NOW ... I started from that exact moment making better food choices, drinking more water, etc NOW not waiting until tomorrow, or Monday, or the first. Just start. Start and improve each day.

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7/15/12 3:02 P

I agree that sensible, logical reasons aren't enough! I change my techniques regularly - right now I am researching back packing trips I wish I could take with the idea there will be nothing to stop me from doing them if I continue to get into shape. If I could give you one word that helps me back away from temptation about half the time (I am human), it's FREEDOM - freedom to move, to feel confident, to do so many things I don't seem to be able to do when I am heavy. I believe each of us has a secret desire - whether having freedom, being sexy, looking like a model, or just being able to have a good photo taken! Making those secret dreams part of each day is great motivation - we don't have to share them with anyone... we own them.

I have gotten to the point that when I am stuffing tootsie rolls into my mouth, I know I am substituting the candy for what what I really want. Hopefully I can soon start dealing with the frustration before I start chomping! Meanwhile I forgive myself and move on.

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7/15/12 2:37 P

YOU, yes YOU, get up out of your chair and go for a walk RIGHT NOW!
YEAH! Just do it. That one change is all you need today. Go check the mail then take a walk around the block or go exploring! Re-discover your neighborhood or play with your cat/dog/pet. Go shopping and walk about the mall for hours. don't want to get dressed? dance in your living room!
Enjoy the movement and the change you can make RIGHT NOW.

I just "started over" on July 11th but this time it is different. This time I am taking it one day at a time. Not jumping in and doing too much change/exercise at once and doing more harm than good. One small step forward that's all. That's key - MOVEMENT is PROGRESS. yes! you can do it and we will all be right there with you.

I am on day 5 of TurboFire Prep schedule and I LOVE it. it's hard but it makes me feel awesome. I highly recommend!

LORIJANE2 Posts: 4
7/15/12 2:30 P

You I like! It always seems like there are a lot of STRONG people out there. I like the logic of TODAY I will have a good day. At the very least I will be honest and track everything, even if I go over. I'm starting again today.

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7/15/12 1:25 P

same here start tomorrow today is sunday i will try to start now if i mess up no more later to come clean again i am giving myself no more excuses good luck to you we can do this

7/15/12 1:01 P

Rational, logical, intelligent reasons for losing weight never, ever work. They should, but they don't. This is true of ANY major change you "should" make. Perhaps you should lose weight because of health concerns, or even simply because you want to go out more, or even look better. But those are all rational, logical reasons.

Until you have an emotional reason to change, you won't. That's the answer. You have to have a meaningful, personal, emotional reason for wanting to change. I'm not talking about fear of heart attacks, or strokes, or whatever. Fear is a good motivator in the short term, but not the long term. What do you really WANT, deep down in your soul? Find the answer there.

All the other little motivators, tools, diet plans... none of it will work until you have a reason to fully, and **emotionally**, commit to change.

Why? Because from your personal description, you love particular foods. That's an emotional attachment. So you have to fight that emotional attachment with an emotional motivator.

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7/15/12 12:54 P

10 minutes and one decision at a time. That's what worked for me. Oh, and a compulsive reliance on the trackers

MISSLISA1973 Posts: 2,665
7/15/12 11:23 A

Why is it important to you? What do you want to happen by meeting your goal(s), whether weight loss, fitness, or something else? For me, running, being active and feeling strong have always been motivators, so when a friend invited me to join him in a race, I jumped at the chance. Since that time, races have been my motivation. Find out what you want and then set a goal that means something to you. If it clothes, buy that new outfit when you lose two inches from your waist.

Other things that motivate me are talking with other people who have similar goals, looking at fitspo (find at> , do a google search, or look on tumblr), and being involved on SparkPeople. For a long time, my goal was just to get 25 SparkPoints a day, no matter how I got them. As time went on, I started wanting to get some of my SparkPoints from fitness. Remember, success breeds success. Make a small goal, reach it and feel good about yourself. Make another small goal. Reach it and feel good about yourself. Keep track of all the things you are doing RIGHT instead of rehashing all the things you could be doing better. Write them down if you have to, but definitely track them. When I did this, I found myself wanting to do all kinds of "right" things -- no matter how small -- just so I could write them down!


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7/15/12 10:47 A

don't forget about the wonderful support available on this site. if you enjoy games challenge yourself to increase your sparkpoint total each day, need a boost-read a blog, checkin with a team and realize that we are here to improve our health but supporting each other builds rather than "steals" from our sucess emoticon

C_DONE Posts: 233
7/15/12 10:16 A

I have to COMMIT to "get serious" for THAT day. Food journal and sticking to the core/basic list of foods, portions, and self-control for that day whatever type of plan I choose. Include activity that I can perform for at least 30 minutes THAT day- could be walking for 5 minutes 6 different times or literally standing up that much! Drink- force! that 8 cups water for that day! And PLAN an "out" for moments when my resolve might weaken- have celery sticks or lettuce on hand. Oh yeah, and read every food label for that day and check each single item from a counter site or booklet so I know exactly what I am racking up calorie, points, or carb wise for that "get serious" day. First day always gets me on track with this level of resolve!

7/15/12 9:52 A

When I first started with SP, I didn't make any changes EXCEPT I tracked everything that I ate. That was how I started, by looking at what I was already doing. After a week, I looked over everything and picked ONE meal where I could make changes to make it healthier. After a week of one meal, I looked at the other meals. Changes can be small, you don't need to make all changes all at once. They'll stick if the changes are smaller.

Don't beat yourself up, make sure that you have realistic goals. Pick one meal, one habit to change, let that become your new normal and then pick another one.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,333
7/15/12 8:44 A

don't start where you want to be, start where you are. if you focus on making one or two small changes a week and slowly getting yourself to where you want to be from where you are, it can be much easier to sustain because you're actually changing your habits. and each habit you have can take six weeks to change. that's why it's easy to fall off when you overhaul everything at once. "starting the day out good" often means you're changing everything you normally do, which is the food equivalent of deciding you're only going to walk backwards today; you're going to hop over any cracks you walk across; if you walk on linoleum, then you're going to pinwheel in circles until you get off of it; you're going to do the hokey pokey across tile floors; you're only going to turn left on your way to work; and you're going to cross any threshhold three times before leaving it.
make it simpler for yourself. track where you are off the wagon, and then focus on one little step you can make this week to get your diet closer to where you want it to be. it could be making your favorite fast food burger or breakfast at home. it could be adding a serving of fruit or veggies in. it could be cooking using a little less oil. but make it a small step and really focus on it this week. if at the end of the week it is second nature, it's fine to pick a new little step. if it's not second nature, keep working on that one little change until it is. this is how you slowly change your habits. and the best part is that since you are changing your habits and taking the time to do so, most of your changes are going to be easier to stick to and harder to change back.

STONECOT Posts: 3,603
7/15/12 8:03 A

I agree with others that say have your pizza and ice cream but in smaller quantities. When you do have them don't eat them mindlessly, stuffing them in your face. Take small pieces or teaspoonfuls, shut your eyes, let the ice cream melt in your mouth and absorb the flavour before you swallow. Really enjoy it. You may feel sated long before you usually would, then you can save the rest for the next time. Oscar Wilde said that the only way to beat a craving was to give in to it! If you do have a binge, well it's a new day tomorrow.

7/15/12 7:44 A

The "devil within" is a persistent old cuss, isn't he? Try making a personal size pizza on whole wheat pita and use all of those yummy veggies, light cheese and turkey or ham. Be sure to keep light ice cream on hand too. Skinny Cow is really good. You really can have those things you crave but make it on YOUR terms. Deal with your demon from a position of strength - you have all the tools you need at your finger tips.

CANNIE50 SparkPoints: (32,430)
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7/15/12 12:15 A

I have learned that I am far more successful in ignoring cravings if I challenge the thought immediately. If I let the thought of the food and the momentary pleasure or distraction it will bring, take hold, the craving gets bigger and louder and I eat just to shut it up! So, I know that the moment the thoughts of unneccessary food begins, to shut it down. Sometimes, I do that by setting a timer and telling myself, if I still want it when the timer goes off, I can have it, but in the meantime I need to get busy and do some dishes or some laundry or make my bed, anything productive. Other times, I drink a big glass of water and go to bed early (my cravings are often more intense at night because my brain confuses fatigue with hunger, it seems). The more often I ignore cravings, the quieter they get. The more I give in, the louder they are. Cravings are like children who whine and demand things - if it works, they will keep whining and demanding. Sometimes a quiet, firm "no" is the only reasonable answer.

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7/14/12 10:40 P

I set myself a goal of logging my food for 3 days. I knew if I could get those 3 days in I'd be back on the right track. 3 days is a very reachable goal, and I was right, I'm now on day 5 and back in the groove. (and I don't wake up in the middle of the night feeling guilty and upset with myself!)

STELLA12408 SparkPoints: (8,933)
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7/14/12 10:28 P

get on a treadmill and see how long it actually takes to burn those calories off! When you realize how much work burning it off is is vs how fast it adds up, it that might change your mind.

i also find watching food network with no sound while working out and seeing other people eat high calorie meals like paula dean, cupcake wars, man vs food, etc makes me wonder if thats what i look like sitting there stuffing my face and getting fatter. its alot easier to say no after that.

saying it enough you begin to form habits that last a life time and those foods wont even be tempting anymore.

KRISTA4REAL SparkPoints: (11,783)
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7/14/12 10:22 P

I went through this exact same thing for a long time. I even started exercising but I just couldn't give up the food cravings. A friend gave me a great bit of advice that really worked. All you have to do is get one good day. One day of eating healthy is all it takes to get back on track. Don't even think about the next day until it's here. After you get through day 1 you've gotten through the hardest part. The second biggest thing is to never never never, no matter how bad you screw up, give in and say you will "start over" "tomorrow". There is no starting over, just moving on.

I wish you the best of luck! I was in the exact same place, and now I have almost 6 weeks of "good days". Small steps add up!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
7/14/12 10:12 P

You just have to want it enough. You have to exercise self control and will power. Is it easy? NO way. Worth it? Yes.

You don't have to give up the foods you love, you just have to get creative about working them into your lifestyle. For example, you like pizza? Me too. There are oven pizzas that are 500calories for half a pizza. That and a salad is not a bad choice, and certainly better then oily pizza hutt. Like ice cream? Me too. I get the single serve ones from the supermarket. Look around, they can be under 200cal. One of those a couple of times a week is fine.

A lot of people fail at weight loss because they think it is all about restriction. They soon get frustrated and bored and give up. It is not about restriction, it is about moderation. Sure, you can't have fast food all the time, but you can still have it occasionally.

Start small. Set small, achievable goals. Aim to drink more water, eat more veggies, only have take aways every second Friday. Little goals will help you get to where you need to be.

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7/14/12 9:47 P

There are two thing that I find are of great help to me. The first is, no matter how tired I am at night, I at least fix my snacks for the next day. For I'll count 30 nuts into a small container and place it in my lunch bag with a reduced fat cheese stick. I'll also include a lemon for either water or unsweetened iced tea. If I have my snacks ready, I'm less likely to grab the chips one of my co-workers is thrusting in front of me. Believe me,some nights I don't even feel like doing that because I AM TIRED after working all day and coming home to an 8 yr old, 6 yr old twins, and my husband, who my friends "joke" is my fourth child. The next thing I do is have a glass of water with lemon as soon as I wake up. I drink it as I read dailyspark or the message boards. With this seemingly little thing, I am starting my day on the right foot. The water is a habit that I MUST begin early in the day or I'll end up with a soda for artificial energy. The scent of the lemon and the act of squeezing the juice starts my incorporating fruits and veggies into the day as much as I can.
Ok, I said two, but there is really 3...before bed, I spend a few moments in gratitude for the day that just ended and the day before me. I give thanks for the strength to make positive food and exercise choices, and also for all those who had a positive impact on my day.

POINTAFTER Posts: 1,154
7/14/12 6:11 P

Good advice here.

My best strategy has been distraction. Instead of reaching for ice cream, reach for the phone and call a friend who always makes you laugh. If you have a hobby or favorite activity get up and absorb yourself in that instead.

Another great distraction is substitution. Try low-fat, sugar free or light ice cream. All the pleasure and far less guilt. It's not fruit, but better than the full fat version. emoticon

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7/14/12 5:22 P

Somedays I have no desire to log on or track my food....but once I start curiosity kicks in. Its amazing how fast everything adds up, or not lol. I'm a vegetarian, so for me, a huge part of this was checking on my protein. Much to my surprise I do fairly well! Thats always a wonderful thing to see! success! Everytime you log your meals and snacks its a lovely little moment of success, because you are accountable for your food choices in that moment. :)

MOLLYMOM1957 Posts: 207
7/14/12 4:31 P

Good advise... I seem to do much better when I log my food and activity.. makes me accountable.. it's amazing how fast it adds up... When I was doing well with weight watchers a few years ago I often avoiding some snacks because I just didn't want to log on and enter the snack.. hahaha... it's true.. emoticon

MOLLYMOM1957 Posts: 207
7/14/12 4:26 P

Sounds familiar... I started out this morning all pumped up.. ready to do this... found this new site.. everything I need.. and for free!!!! It's getting later in the day.. my motivation is fading.. I don't want it to be another "I'll start tomorrow day..." Help!!!! Wish I had some words of wisdom. .. I'm hoping this group will help us all.... emoticon

MOLLYMOM1957 Posts: 207
7/14/12 3:47 P

Great idea... My middle name is Ice cream.. just ask any of my friends.. haha
I bought 7 quarts of ice cream this week (they were on sale)...
Today is my first day of this program... think I've got a long road ahead of me...Help!!!!! emoticon

MANDZZ823 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/14/12 2:45 P

I so feel your pain! I am a conasuierre of ice cream. Truly I adore it. I have twins, work full time, and have an amazing husband that works hours opposite of mine. Unfortunately, my habit is that when the kids are asleep, my chores are done and everything is quiet, it's my time. My time for ice cream! Here's what I'ce learned, you cant tell yourself no all the time, especially when it's a strong habit associated with reward. Start by telling yourself you CAN have it. The key is WHEN and HOW you have it.So here's what I do. I replace my ice cream with Slow Churned Dreyers which is less fat, carbs, and calories. It's SO GOOD! When I serve it, I do it with a measuring cup for the serving size so I'm aware of how much I'm having. The first step is controlling your portions. After you're comfortable with portion control that then make another change. For example make ice cream days, "I will only have it on Mondays and Weds". Eventually get yourself to a place in which you can save the calories to have your beloved ice cream. There is an ebb and flo when it comes to "favorite foods". Allow yourself the room to have that, just start changing the things you can change more easily. :)

MARIMAC13 Posts: 204
7/14/12 2:21 P

I've been fighting the same's how I'm winning....I bought a box of creamsicles....60 calories a bar...if i do good and stay close to the lower end of my calorie range, i have can eat anything....keep it in whatever you want, just follow the serving size on the package...and try to eat a carb, a fat and a protein each meal...the combo works together, and you stay full longer

7/14/12 2:14 P

Don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Try to focus on the goals that you have set for yourself, better health, more energy, and weight loss. When you feel tempted remember those goals and make small changes that will equal success. If you really want that pizza have a slice, only one slice and have a salad with it to fill you up. No one says that you have to give up your favorites, just eat them in moderation.

Weight loss is a journey that has as twists and turns along the way, it is how you handle those twists and turns. Keep in mind that we are only human that once in a while we make mistakes. We can learn from our mistakes and move forward to success.

Track your food, your emotions, and please weigh and measure all that you eat. By getting into a routine you should be able to get serious about your goals. I wish you the best and I have faith that you can do this as long as you really want this for yourself. Try to visualize just how good you will look, how good you will feel, and the energy that you will have if you stay focused. emoticon

MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,157
7/14/12 1:51 P

I tap into my superhero powers. I say to myself "what would I do if I were AMAZING"...then I do that.

SHUFFMAN126 Posts: 205
7/14/12 1:38 P

Every time you tell that little voice inside you "No" it will get weaker and you will be stronger for it. Other tips that help with the telling it no - When you crave something, drink a full glass of water. Sometimes we're actually thirsty but our brain tries to tell us we are hungry. Also, have something healthy available to eat instead. You won't have room for junk if you've eaten a nice juicy piece of fruit, etc.

You get serious today by telling that voice that you're serious. And meaning it. And doing it every day.

TRUETOU Posts: 57
7/14/12 1:29 P

you can defeat the devil every time by the Word of God...just quote him some scripture...satan get behind really well: }

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
7/14/12 11:33 A

Just turn the procrastination in a different direction. When you have that craving for pizza, say, "Eh, I'll have some next Friday. I don't need it now, and I don't really want to go out and get it."

To make this work, you do have to get the junk food out of your house, and maybe make a rule that you'll no longer get anything delivered, but then you can put laziness and inertia to work for you. Don't be too lazy to start; set it up so the lazy thing is to keep going.

JEANNINEW1 Posts: 548
7/14/12 10:57 A

What worked for me that keeps me focused are these words :If you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results." So true. To lose weight and keep it off you need to change your eating habits and eat healthy. Tracking food helps me and daily weigh ins keep me focused. It isn't easy but I can say I could not go back to the way I ate before. I feel great!


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7/14/12 10:40 A

I used to be a lot like you in that regard. Instead of trying to ignore or override your cravings look for healthier ways to honor them. Try an English muffin pizza (Thomas multigrain light English muffin), split open and top with about 2 tablespoons of a low fat pizza sauce and low fat Italian cheeses (I use Sargento). If you like pepperoni, try Hormel Turkey pepperoni on it. Opt for some of the lower fat or soft surve ice cream treats.

If many of the foods you love are fast foods, I highly recommend the book Fast Food Fix. Copy cat recipes for KFC, Taco Bell, Mcdonalds, many pizza places all made far healthier then the original versions. Healthy doesn't have to be a synonymous for boring.

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7/14/12 9:47 A

Tell the devil inside "You said that yesterday. Now tomorrow is today. It's time to get real." Then pass on that tempting food. The satisfaction you'll get from eating healthy lasts a thousand times longer than temporary pleasure you get from eating junk.

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This is probably going to sound familiar to many of you.

I want to lose weight so bad....I will start the day out so good....and I'll go deep into the day. And then I'll think of a food that really tempts me (usually pizza or ice cream). And then I'll go crazy thinking about it....and then I give in. And the words that the devil within me gives me to justify it all are these: "Go ahead. Have it. Enjoy. You can and will start tomorrow."

Then either the next day...or the next day after that...I go through the same process again.

For those of you who identify with you have any words of wisdom to help me 'defeat the devil' within me.

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