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9/15/12 7:41 A

Good for you for coming to the site. I actually gave in last night and went over my calorie count. But, one slip up won't hurt long term so you can't blame yourself even if you slip up. I'm just getting right back on plan today.
Next time, I think I'll follow your example and come here instead of late night, left overs!!

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9/14/12 11:32 P


What is done is done, so let go of the guilt. None of us gained our weight from an occasional indulgence here and there, but if we allow the guilt and shame to keep us off track, that can be a factor. If you must, throw the pizza away. Sometimes we aren't in the place where we can have trigger foods in the house. I am almost 8 years into my journey and I still can't keep certain foods in the house. That doesn't mean I don't ever eat them. I just make them special when I do.

I am really proud that you came here to ask for help. That is a huge step in changing your way of thinking. Be strong and know that you do HAVE CONTROL over the pizza.

Coach Nancy

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9/14/12 11:21 P

yes..i just craved it..been two weeks trying to stay good..but tonight..i just gave still struggling not to eat more tired..but i keep thinking about i thought i get on here..i drank like 8 oz of 8 glasses of water..cause of the salt and im still craving me please...i weigh too much and im just a beginner of getting myself a tune 53 and weigh 375...and that is not good...i need motivation and help to do this... emoticon

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