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I'd recommend visiting a specialty running/walking store in your area to be properly fitted for shoes by a professional. Bad shoes can give you all kinds of aches and pains, so that might help.

With regards to your doctor, it probably depends on your insurance. Some require a referral from your PCP to see a specialist, but others will let you see a specialist directly. Either way, an orthopedic doc is who you'd want to end up seeing.

Coach Jen

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1/15/14 6:35 P

Thanks for the awesome advice!

I do not overpronate, I know that from my structural class in college but I'm not saying I know I have good form cause I may not.
I do need new shoes, this is know. Mine are old crappies from walmart :-/
How do I go about getting fitted for running shoes? If I'm gonna pay $100+ for a pair of shoes I want to know that they are going to work for me and work well.
Yes, I have had ankle issues since I was a child. I was in ballet, tap and gymnastics but gave it up at age 9 because my ankles hurt so bad my mom didn't want to listen to me crying about them every night anymore.
As far as I know it's a negative on the PF. But I have thought in the past that I could have it, just never bothered to check cause I have been known to be a bit of a paranoid hypochondriac (hence why I haven't been to a doctor at all yet).
As far as doctors, do I see my FCP or a specialist?

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I'm no doctor, but 1 could be plantar fasciitis. 2 may be from weak ankles that aren't prepared to run. Do you know if you over pronate ? Do your ankles turn in when you walk ? If so, that's over pronation. If your feet over pronate like that, it means you need a shoe that provides some stability for your ankle.

Before a person starts running, the first thing I encourage them to do is get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. Don't wear any old shoe. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause, plantar fasciits, shin splints, etc. If you weren't fitted for proper shoes, 1-3 could be a result of wearing a shoe that isn't providing your foot with proper support.

Now, did you have any problems with your feet prior to deciding to run ? If so, stop running. Running is extremely high impact and places an insane amount of stress on a person's feet and joints. I'm not saying you can't run, but a person should not be running with chronic pain.

Have you talked to your doctor about any of these issues you've been having ? If not, you need to talk to your doctor. Forget about running for the time being. Find another exercise that doesn't place so much stress on your body. Someone mentioned swimming. that's wonderful cardiovascular exercise. You could use one of the stationary or recumbent bikes at the gym. You could use the elliptical.

Can you walk without any pain ? If you can walk without pain, I would suggest walking to running. BUT, once again, if you feel pain even when walking, that's not good. You must take care of your feet before these issues get worse.

No one should be exercising with pain. You really are at risk for further injury. I know you'd really like to become a runner, but you have to take care of these issues first. How can you expect your body to run 5k, 10k or longer distances when you're already in pain ?

Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about the issues you've been having. they are there to help.

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1/14/14 6:33 A

The previous poster has given you some great advice. I would agree that it's best to get issues #1 and #2 checked out by an orthopedic who can make sure there's not an issue with your feet that needs to be corrected. Lots of times they can refer you to a physical therapist if need be who can help fix the problem.

Here's an article about shin splints you might also find helpful:

Coach Jen

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1/14/14 1:49 A

Well, #3 could be shin splints, which hurt a lot, but they are quite common. Rest and ice are the treatments.

#1 and #2 are just NOT normal. Have you mentioned these things to your general doctor? Seen an orthopedist? You might need special shoe inserts (orthotics) or you might have another medical issue going on--maybe something musculoskeletal, maybe something neurological. It is worth getting this checked out by a medical doctor just in case.

In the mean time, have you ever tried swimming? That might be a way to get some good exercise without all of the issues that impact seems to be causing you.

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1/14/14 1:27 A

Ok so I have had these issues in the past but they are always made worse the more active I become and I'm tired of them and tired of excuses so I need advice!

1) The middle of my feet ache AWFUL when I exercise. It's worst when dancing, jogging in place, usually fitness videos. Not sure if I just always have incorrect form or what but my personal trainer never had to correct me on my form for anything.

2) My ankles are so sore and stiff some mornings that I'm limping for hours and some nights, especially after an attempted run or jog they feel like sandpaper is scraping my bones. I always stretch before and after a workout!

3) When jogging or attempting to jog/run my shins hurt so bad, it feels like the muscle is going to burst out of my skin at any moment. Forget the aching calves, the lack of oxygen, the burning shins.....lots of pain..

I want to become a runner and a gym rat and be the best me I can be and I'm willing to work through the pains and aches but these problems the pains and aches are TOO much! It often becomes unbearable...any advice is SOO appreciated!

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