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5/19/14 3:46 P

what specifically is making you anxious? if it's the run/walk intervals, well, i am awful with those, even when you have a device that uses two separate tones to tell you to do whichever one. what worked for me was picking a point and running to it. so it might be a tree, might be a stop sign, might be the end of the block, just pick it and go. do it as many times as you want to in your walk. so i'd just go for a walk and in the middle, pick a thing and run to it. as i got better about that i started to run/jog alternating blocks. i managed to finish a half marathon and was well into training for my second before i ever learned to run a mile solid.
if remembering the intervals is too complicated you could also just try and beat your time on each route. so if you were walking 2 miles in 40 minutes, try walking 2 miles in 39 minutes, however you do it. once you can regularly hit 39, try cutting the whole route down to 38.
if you're worried about being able to make it home, plan your route as close to a circle around your house as you can. if you're never more than 1/4 or 1/2 mile from home it can give you peace of mind that you can easily make it home if you need to bail out. having a friend on call [and your cell with you] to pick you up could also ease any worries about that.

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5/19/14 3:42 P

I'm not sure if I am an official runner because I do it very slow, but at first I had a voice in my head that kept telling me OK you have run far enough. My advice is to set out a goal for distance and if it gets too hard walk for a while and restart when you feel like you can. I have heard good things about the couch to 5k program that was mentioned earlier but I didn't do it myself, just sort of played it by ear.

I have gone from 2 minutes at the beginning to over seven miles. It is a very slow seven miles but it is still seven miles.

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5/19/14 3:18 P


Are you doing a Couch to 5k ? if not, you should check out the program. It's a program designed to ease a non running person into a runner. So, if you're brand new to running, you may find this helpful.

With regards to your concerns, it's not unusual to have some anxiety when trying something you've never done before. It's like the people who are afraid to try Zumba because they think they'll do something wrong and people will stare.

Believe me, there is nothing to worry about. We all had to start somewhere. Your strength and regular endurance will increase with time and practice.

As the old cliché goes, how do I get to Carnegie Hall ? practice practice practice.

Keep doing what you're doing and you will feel more comfortable.

PS - Were you fitted for proper running shoes before you started running ? One thing I recommend to all new runners is that they should go to a reputable running or sports store to be fitted for a proper pair of shoe. Don't wear any old shoe. Wearing the wrong shoe or shoes that aren't fitted right will cause a lot of problems for your feet, ankles, knees and hip joints.

So, don't skimp on your feet. When you start getting into longer distances, your feet will need that support so that you don't end up injured.

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5/19/14 2:42 P

It may be that you think people are looking at you and judging you and if they are, so what let them! You are the one running and you will do fine. The first time I ran outside I really though everyone knew that I wasn't really a runner, but then I started going and forgot all about them and just concentrated on me and my breathing and how fast my pace was. Just keep putting one foot forward, I never ran a day in my life before I decided I could do it if I wanted to so I may not be the fastest or the best, but I can run! Keep up the good work!

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5/19/14 2:26 P

I'm a former runner working on becoming a runner again (a "re-runner"?). Yes, the anxiety is all in your head. Chances are you're a perfectionist in lots of areas of your life and you want to make sure you do it "right". Slow jogging is just fine to begin with, in fact it's how you should begin. As for me, I've got this thing in my head saying, "but I used to go so fast!", but that was 30 kilos ago!! lol. We can only start from where we are now!

5/19/14 1:43 P

I am trying to figure out this whole running thing. I am trying the walk 4 minutes and run 1 minute and increase run over walk every week until I am running. I don't know if I am normal or not but I feel this anxiety when I start to run and I know it is in my head because I can almost walk as fast as I am running. How do you get past the head thing and just do it??? You runner out there I am so envious. I know I can do it if I just get past the anxiety.

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