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12/7/11 11:54 A

JACKIESMITHWTF - I agree with Coach Nancy; it's hard to help with what you're describing. If you weren't having any problems before and this hasn't gotten better with rest, then you definitely need to see a doctor.

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12/7/11 4:56 A

How much are you working out? And how is your nutrition? If you've been consistently working out longer and harder than your body and/or your food intake can handle, eventually you're going to hit a breaking point.

A lot of people recommend taking a week off (really, a whole week) here and there throughout the year to allow yourself to recover in a way that individual rest days just don't allow you to do. If you've been working out consistently for five or six months, this may be exactly what your body needs. You may find that you come back stronger than you were before your rest.

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12/6/11 11:27 P


What do you mean when you say, "like my muscles stopping"? Could it be that you are running at too fast of a pace?

If this is something new, you may want to contact your doc to see what he/she has to say.

Coach Nancy

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12/6/11 11:23 P

I have been working out since Aug. and had no issue and was able to make my workout more intense. I stopped at a certain point i was content with and then all of a sudden one day i physically couldnt keep running. Which mind boggles me. It was a mix of what felt like my muscles stopping and my breathing being almost impossible. I do have asthma but i take my inhaler all the time before working out and before last week never needed to use it. For this past week though, i havent been able to complete a workout of 20 minutes before I have to stop. Its gotten me to the point of tears and I dont know whats going on. someone help me figure out whats going on please!!!

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