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4/5/13 2:31 A

You might have to accept a bit of boredom.

Doing them slowly, and holding the up position for 2-3 seconds, can make crunches much more challenging, and fatigue your muscles (and thus complete a set) in less time.


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4/5/13 12:44 A

"HELP! Need ab exercises...."

No. You don't.

Nobody "needs" ab exercises. Of any type. They're a hype and a scam.

Any exercise you do with your body, such as almost all weight lifting you're doing with arms and legs, will engage your core in stabilising your body. That's all it's there for, and that's all the workout it needs.

I would skip your abs entirely until you're able to do them properly again with a healed shoulder. You won't lose anything.

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4/4/13 9:57 P


This is most definitely something you need to talk with your doctor about. Remember our muscles rarely work in isolation, so when you are performing an exercise, if you do not have proper stability/mobility of the joint, you may be compromising your workout and you may be creating other issues up and down your kinetic chain.

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Coach Nancy

4/4/13 9:16 P

Hello everyone! So my favorite part of exercising is by far, weight lifting. I mean..I LIVE for it. I've become an addict. However, that came to bite me in the butt when I tore my rotator cuff :(. I still do cardio (that doesn't put stress on my arm/shoulder), and I workout my legs as normal. I've accepted that I have to let my arm heal and be patient but I'm struggling with my abs. It's so hard to find good exercises for your abs that don't require your arms! Right now, I'm working with crunches, sit ups, modified russian twists, and twist crunches...but I'm getting bored! Do you know of any ab exercises that won't put strain on my arm/shoulder?!

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