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9/28/13 7:06 P

Try to look at the why you did it, forgive yourself for the lapse and get back on track as soon as possible.

LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,410
9/28/13 1:12 P

What is done is done....don't focus on the past...focus on the future. Learn from bad mistakes and move forward.

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9/27/13 12:02 A

Don't go beating yourself up over it - just make sure it is entered in your Nutrition Tracker and then start again. I actually PLAN for things like this! In weight-loss mode I allowed it one day every two weeks. The rest of the time I ate a bit lower in my range (never under). Once I reached my goal weight, I still weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker, and eat as tho' I am in weight-loss mode, BUT I allow this one day on a weekly basis. Having said that, yesterday was one of those days. It was 15 days prior my last 'over-eat' day. I lost a fair bit of weight, and have been maintaining for nearly 3 years, so it obviously didn't do me any harm :-)

If you 'forbid' yourself from eating things like this, you will find that you may be far more likely to fall off the wagon because you end up feeling deprived, and often people get bored. This allows you to enjoy the occasional treat - just make sure it IS occasional!

Take care,

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9/26/13 3:10 P

You just eat how you would normally eat the rest of the day. Trying to make up for the extra calories by eating less will just cause you to be hungrier the following day. Besides, an extra bowl of ice cream one day is a drop of rain in a puddle in the grandeur scheme of things. In the future, I would suggest having something planned to do immediately after eating a treat. Put the bowl away and move on. I find if you can distract yourself for 10-15 minutes the urge for seconds will pass.

You had a second bowl of ice cream... it's certainly not the end of the world or a "dreadful predicament". Forgetting to buckle my seatbelt and getting in an accident would be a "dreadful predicament". You're human and had a moment of weakness.

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9/26/13 2:20 P


You ate the ice cream. You log the ice cream. You move on with life. You don't beat yourself up and you don't kill yourself in the gym to compensate either. Both imply you did something wrong and deserve to be punished. you didn't do anything wrong !!!

One over indulgent meal or even day's worth of over eating WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. If you were to eat right five out of seven days this week, you'd still be doing better than the average American.

In short, forgive yourself for being human. There will be days you eat more than others. As long as this doesn't happen every single day, you'll be fine. Don't worry.

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9/26/13 2:08 P

What to do? I did have the sense to stop now...and logged all foods into tracker...and I have about 100 calories left to consume for the whole rest of the day.!! YUCK. I know that I will have extra little ones now through the weekend. I wonder if I sorta in my subconscious mind felt overwhelmed and tried to work it out through the ice sounds really unreasonable now when I say it, or rather, write it out loud!! Anyway...what would you tell me to help me navigate safely through the rest of the day? To top it all off, I also know that the ice cream sugar will have me feeling very low and drowsy here shortly. What a dreadful predicament I find myself in...

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