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10/27/12 7:06 P

ARCHIMEDESI - you have FINALLY met someone who could binge eat apples - LOL!

When I got married my 2 main fruits were apples and bananas. The apples I ate more of. I ALWAYS munched on one or two going to bed late at night - much to my husbands annoyance (he was trying to sleep:-) Anyway, I USED to get through a 50lb sack of apples, ALL BY MYSELF in a week!! Don't do that NOW, tho'! I have a portion of apple - generally about 1/4 at a time. Some days I might even eat a WHOLE apple :-) (I will add that fruit was the bulk of my food and I was not overweight.)


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10/27/12 10:48 A

try sugar free puddings to help and a piece of fruit...or some berries!!! natural sugars should take away the cravings

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10/27/12 6:20 A


I think we're all addicted to candy/sweets in one way or another. I know Halloween can be a difficult time because it's everywhere ! However, it's not as bad as you'd think. Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. A couple of fun sized candies CAN be a part of a healthy lifestyle. You just have to learn to be mindful of that portion.

If you think you might over do it, then go out and buy some fruit to keep on hand for snacks. when you feel an urge for more than a reasonable portion of candy, have a piece of fruit. the natural sweetness of the fruit will help decrease any sugar cravings you're having.

trust me, have an apple or two or three. I have yet to meet the person who could binge eat apples. Try to eat more fruit. it really can help.


Also, you might want to read some of the great Spark articles on controlling and beating a sugar addiction. you'll find them helpful.

10/27/12 4:30 A

Thank you Kris. This is very helpful

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10/26/12 6:16 P

If you find that you MUST have it - go for something like the Werthers Sugar Free ones. They are individually wrapped and a lot more expensive than the normal ones, and hard boiled so take a lot longer to consume. Just limit yourself to one when you feel you REALLY need one. Use strong-flavoured sugarless gum the rest of the time. When you are in a supermarket, walk PAST the confectionery aisle as quickly as you can. (don't walk DOWN the aisle)

Apart from that, try using distraction techniques - get out for a walk, listen to favourite music - preferably with a good beat - incorporate dancing around your room (good way to get in some extra exercise), get on SP and read the message boards or articles.


10/26/12 5:11 P

I can't stop eating candy, and of course it's every where this time of year. Please help any suggestions would be great.

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