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4/22/13 8:07 P

Hi there!

When I pulled up your recipe here on Spark, and hit "create a makeover" to show exactly what ingredients you had entered, it shows a double entry on everything except the buns. The flank steak was in twice, the onions and peppers were in twice, all the spices and cheeses were in twice - no wonder you're showing the calorie count so much higher!

If you go back and edit your recipe, you'll be able to pull out the duplicates and it should work out closer to the original.

Hope that helps!

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4/22/13 7:46 P

Hey Guys!

I was hoping someone could help me figure this out...
I found this recipe for dinner tonight (
heesesteak-50400000119701) and when I created the recipe on sparkpeople I got a different calorie count... will someone take a look at the two and figure out what i did wrong?? thansk!

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