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9/24/12 2:19 P

That sounds incredibly frustrating. I know you said you take strength-training classes. My experience with those is that the high number of repetitions with the relatively low weight lifted doesn't do much in terms of building strength/muscle. Kapelakin suggests heavy lifting, and I'd recommend that as well. What worked for me a couple of years ago was going to the weight room and lifting seriously, systematically, and heavily (3 sets/8 reps/the 8th rep was the last possible one I could squeeze out).

A book I like a lot is _New Rules of Lifting for Women_, by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove. Your public library may have it. It's a good starting point if you haven't spent a lot of time in the weight room, and even if you have.

I also examined my diet, which I thought was pretty healthy, and saw that I was eating more sugar than I thought I was, so I started reading labels on things like breakfast cereal (I'm looking at you, Kashi GoLean Crunch and your 13 grams of sugar per serving). I also cut back on fruit -- looking at you, hybridized high-sugar apples! Those things helped me get to my goal weight.

Good luck!

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9/24/12 2:02 P

A few things I'd suggest:

One is to track your sodium if you aren't already. It's highly doubtful that you gained 5 lbs of fat in one week unless you took in an extra 17,500 calories. So it could be water weight from a variety of reasons: sodium, monthly cycle, etc.

Also, I'd recommend having your body fat tested. When you're close to your goal weight, the number on the scale isn't always the best indicator of health. A body fat test will tell you if you need to lose more, or if you're already at a healthy point (which could make weight loss more difficult.) Most gyms offer this test for a small fee.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

9/24/12 11:52 A

I changed up my nutrition around April (I had been routinely eating the same thing for breakfast) and started focusing on meeting my nutritional ranges for protein/carbs/fat etc. The classes I take for cardio are HIIT type classes (RIPPED, Turbo Kick, Tabata). That's part of my frustration...I've done everything that I've been able to think of after talking to my doctor and scouring the internet for ideas and I'm still stuck.

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9/24/12 10:28 A

You might try changing up your nutrition. I was in a plateau eating a very healthy, low meat diet with tons of fruit, veg and unprocessed carbs. I switched to Slow carb, which is basically protein, meat and veg, and have been dropping a pound a week, even with a free day and eating as much as I want. Some people do great on a vegetarian diet for example, but it turns out its not for me.

Also, make sure you are lifting heavy, and think about adding some HIIT if you are just doing steady state cardio.

9/24/12 9:54 A

I've been stuck at a plateau (within 9lbs) for over a year now. I'm in my early 30's, 5'3" and have a goal weight of 140. I can get down to 141 and creep back up to 150 but cannot figure out why. I've been a religious food/exercise tracker for 5 years and have gained/lost greater amounts of weight (20-25lbs) due to 2 pregnancies in that time frame. I take cardio and strength training classes at the gym 5-6x/week burning an average of 1400+calories/week (according to my chest strap heart rate monitor/calorie tracker). Spark People has given me a weight loss calorie range of 1250-1550 and a maintenance range of 1670-2020 cal/day. On average I find it easy to eat between 1300-1500 cal/day with the occasional splurge days around 1800-2000 cal/day. Since my gym changes the schedules every 2-3 months, my exercise routine changes that frequently too. The food I consume is generally nutritionally sound (only minimal-moderate treat/junk consumption) and I never feel hungry-in fact it would be a struggle to eat more than 1500 "good" calories in a day b/c I would feel too full. I just changed my spark goal to maintenance 1 week ago (trying to eat the minimum calorie range) and gained 5lbs in that week. I've calculated my BMR on various sites with the medium activity level and it is above 2000 calories/day. With all things considered (calorie intake and activity level), I can't understand why the scale won't go down. I'm especially bummed about the 5lb weight gain in 1 week. :P Also, my thyroid is normal and my clothes are getting tighter. Any spark coaches have ideas for me? I don't want to be super model thin, just healthy.

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