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7/29/14 3:39 P

Breaking habits is very very hard. You need to understand why you do the things that you do, and then work on changing them. It will take a long time to establish new healthier habits but you can do it. I think that this video of habits is very interesting.

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7/29/14 1:23 P

I hate wasting food, but ultimately, if I have to throw away or flush junk food down the toilet in order not to eat it myself, it's still better for me to do that. But now I have another option. I moved to a more rural area where there are lots of beautiful wild animals-rabbits, birds, squirrels, deer, foxes, etc. I share my leftovers with them now and have a wonderful new group of friends around my house. Breads and muffins for the birds, some veggies for the rabbits, some nuts for the squirrels, leftovers for the cats. I'm eating less, and the animals are loving their treats. No more waste and no more overeating for me! There's plenty of food for all my new friends.

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8/30/13 1:06 A

Resolving to get off the junk is an important first step. But if you don’t make a plan, you’re setting yourself up for a massive battle based on willpower alone–and by the end of the day you’re going to lose (or be really cranky).To be successful, make sure you know what exactly you’re giving up. Is it chips? Cookies? Easy Cheese? And then decide what you’re going to eat instead. Stock your pantry with healthy snacks so you have something to eat when the munchies strike. Try avoiding going past junk food areas in supermarkets; it may tempt you to get into unhealthy eating habits again.

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8/29/13 8:08 P

Been there. I stopped buying junk food at the grocery store. I made myself go to a convenience store to buy a single serving. I wouldn't do that very often. Eventually, my cravings went away. Now, I can control the cravings better and will sometimes buy the cookies or chips as a treat. It won't last but a day or 2 at my house.

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8/29/13 10:46 A

Perhaps joining SparkPeople's Official 4-week "Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge" can help you learn how to control your sweet cravings and incorporate sugar into your diet without going overboard.
and help get you on track.

Coach Tanya

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8/29/13 7:53 A

I used to be the kind of person that would rather eat the whole bag of chips because I figured I would stop eating them sooner if they were gone. Twisted, I know. I find it's easiest to just not buy any of it in the first place. Or, if I do to have ONE small portion controlled size (That I only get ONE of). I have done some reading on the possibilty that food companies add chemicals that do make you crave and want more of their product. I believe that they do. I've found it helps to go with what I'm craving and find something that is healthier to "soothe" the craving. If it's salty and crunchy I have a handful of nuts. If it's sweet I'm getting better at heading toward fruits or yogurt. Thinking about what is IN junkfood, reading nutritional values, thinking about what is more natural and less manipulated and processed help me think about what I'm putting into myself. It's not perfect, and sometimes I do still eat junkfood from time to time, like another poster said, it helps not to think of banning myself from it forever, but if opening a small door often opens a huge flood of junk, then that's not a good idea either.

Maybe you can journal what you are thinking or feeling when you are craving the junkfood too see if it helps you identify what you are drawn to it? Becoming aware of the why's helps you figure out How to change.

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8/29/13 6:32 A

You are not alone and there is help. I have seen food-addiction in people of every age, class, sex, race, profession, etc. Have you ever looked into a supportive structure such as WW or OA?

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8/29/13 4:45 A

I'm probably not the best person to answer this because I live on the stuff and don't gain weight. However, I think I just don't overeat that stuff because I don't ban it from my life, you know? I'm in a process of trying to incorporate healthier foods in to my life, but by adding them, not taking other things away (consciously). It's not bad to eat junk food. It's just bad to overeat it, and at the expense of other nutrients (my problem).

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8/28/13 10:52 P

Hi, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Although I am not super overweight I know that I can easily be if I don't excessively control myself because I just love eating. If there is food around, I WILL EAT IT. Somehow before eating and while I eat, I justify my eating, but then immediately afterwards I feel super guilty and just horrible. One thing I do is to NEVER buy unnecessary junk food - cookies, cakes, even peanut butter or sweet cereal - because I know I will keep eating them and probably finish the entire box/jar in a day or two. At this point, I think this might be an eating disorder so I'm kind of bracing myself to go see a counselor.

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8/28/13 10:09 P

Hi everyone.. this is the fist time i write on a message board.
Actually I am 24 years Old, i'm a healthy girl....or so I tough.
Since I was a kid I usually have high weight problems, I can't maintain a regular fitness routine or stop eating junk food. I love cookies and bread...I usually eat all this kind of sweet thing alone, I usually hide from other people... I had tried a lot of methods to try to change this but i just CANT!! I am really frustrated, I used to weight 60KG two years ago...Now I'm 75KG!!! I feel really depressed but i just don't know what else to do to find the motivation and the strength to stop eating and do exercise. I really need your advice!!

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