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11/15/11 6:43 A

Thanks everyone these are great ideas and I will be trying them out!!!

Thanks so much!!

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11/10/11 11:06 P

I also have a problem since there is a cafeteria right in the basement of my building and there are a LOT of tempting eateries right nearby.

What helps is packing tasty but healthy lunches from home that I can look forward to eating. Not only that, but I absolutely DO NOT go into the cafeteria OR even venture out of my building. I know if I see the goodies in the cafeteria or at the nearby restaurants I will cave in.

As far as eating candy in the office, keep yourself full on fruits and veggies. Bring hummus/pita for snacking, as well as veggies/dip, apples, banana, trail mixes, oatmeal, granola bars, etc. Even water, flavored if you don't like plain water. Every time you feel like snacking turn to this instead. Over time you will rather eat these. The trick is to keep yourself full with healthy things that will keep you full for hours.

Whenever I get tempted I try to remember that quote "Once on the lips, FOREVER on the hips"

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11/10/11 9:05 P

Hi . I have a few suggestions.
1st. pack an apple or some fruit that you can hold in your hand. and eat slowly while on break . outside or lingering in starbucks, looking at the mugs. (don't bring $)
or just have black coffee or tea with sweetener. (it can be blended with ice too)
2nd. Imagine that someone, not so clean, touched every piece of that office candy. or that it is left over from 2 yrs ago.
good luck.

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11/10/11 6:57 P

Congrats on having a job! No matter how good it is to start a new job, it's still stressful and takes months for the adjustment to kick in.

Are you sure it's just about food? Check your stress levels. Are you munching because of stress? Do you have a go-to list of stress relievers? It's amazing what a few up-and-down-the-stairs can do and SparkPeople has some terrific cubicle exercises you can do. Remembering to take deep breathes can transform a day.

Having a dental hygiene routine can help put a fence between you and extra lunch eating. I started this because I had to do it to deal with the beginning of gum disease. But I found that brushing and using one of those GUM soft picks left my mouth so fresh I didn't feel like ruining it with snacking.

A cup of tea or a piece of sugarless gum and be a non-triggering dessert.

Hope something in this helps. Best of luck to you!

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11/10/11 5:18 P

I used to work in a chocolate factory, where you could eat all you wanted whilst on site. For free!!
Yes, it sounds dangerous for the owners - but most of us ate a lot in the first few days - then stopped.

A great tip is to not have that first one - since once you start, there is no stopping.
Or, rather than deprive yourself - decide that you will have your first piece just as you are walking out the door to go home.

Good luck!

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11/10/11 5:09 P

I am formerly a stay at home mom who has been back to work for 4 weeks now. Everyday I bring my lunch with me to work but I can't seem to not buy something else to eat from the cafeteria/starbucks...THEN they have candy, candy, candy, candy, and I'm usually not a candy person but it's like as soon as I walk in the office it calls my name. Someone pleeease help! I need suggestions please!!!!

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