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TENNISGAL33 Posts: 65
4/19/11 7:31 P

Thanks so much!!

4/19/11 7:11 P

Yes, that is TVP. You can reconstitute TVP in any liquid. It has no taste on its own. The one for Bob's Red Mill is 1/4 cup dry. When you reconstitute this, it will only have the extra calories you add.

TENNISGAL33 Posts: 65
4/19/11 6:19 P

I'm not sure. I don't think so because that is smaller. It looks like grapenut cereal. What I have is labeled as "so soya" known as soy flour, defatted.

I have found it on sparkpeople but I don't know if that is nutrition information for dry or soaked in water. The weights are different then and 28-32g is very different.

4/19/11 6:06 P

Another name is the abbreviation TVP.

4/19/11 6:05 P

Are you talking about Textured Vegetable Protein? If so, all you have to do is look it up on the Spark food tracker.

TENNISGAL33 Posts: 65
4/19/11 5:46 P

Hi, I bought so soya from the bulk barn the other day. Trying to incorporate some vegan recipes into my diet.

I bought the chips, defatted. I found the nutrition info on here as well, about 100 cals for 32 grams. Does this mean dry? Or does this mean with added liquid like water? Please help. This would be a huge difference in portion.


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