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3/24/13 3:30 P

Welcome! I think it's all about planning. That's the best way to make sure you can fit time in for you. Sure, things come up and the whole plan can go out the door some days, but most days it kinda works out...sorta...if you make it a priority. And that's the best you can hope for when things are crazy. And you can still see results!
See if you can schedule meals a week out, or get your workout in in the mornings so it's the first thing you do, and isn't something that you find yourself not wanting to do later.
Good luck!

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3/24/13 2:23 P

thanks guys!!! All the help possible is needed and appreciated. Its so hard looking back at how i once was a size 4 in high school and in the double digits right now! But something has gotta give. I need some confidence as well. Gotta set an example for my babies :)

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3/24/13 2:04 P

Welcome to SP.

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3/24/13 12:33 P

Hello and welcome!! If you want a nice support system and lots of people to share your journey to better health with, then this is definitely the place for you. Reach out any time!!

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
3/24/13 8:46 A


I can relate to your hectic life. Sometimes taking care of myself sometimes drops further and further down on the list. Don't despair. emoticon

Start slowly and explore the tools here. Many people find success by taking just a couple healthy goals (for example, calorie counting and increasing exercise) and making them habits, then adding more after those are solid.

Remember that every little step that you take contributes to your final goals. Drinking extra water, for instance, doesn't take a lot more of your time but it can really help you reach your goals.

Also, even random 5 minute burst of activity count up toward your calorie burn.

As far as motivation goes, you're not alone! It can be difficult to make the choice to track foods or to get exercise. But every good choice gets you closer to your goals. You'll need to find what motivates you best (keeping a motivational poster or quotes posted, rewarding yourself along the way, getting a friend on board to help you with accountability...) There are some good SparkPeople articles about motivation that might be good to read.

Keep reaching out, asking questions, and taking little steps. emoticon

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3/24/13 8:20 A

I am new here. Just started today and I am in some serious need of motivation. I keep finding myself going off my daily calorie goal little by little. I have got so much going on at home with 2 kids, housework, etc. and I get so exhausted its a wonder I can keep my eyes open by 5PM!!! :P LOL but seriously. I would like some motivation. workout tips. etc. thank you :)

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