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10/4/12 10:42 A

The only true and lasting change that you can make is to your lifestyle and there is no way that you want to be on HCG for the rest of your life. I know plenty of people who have used it to gain weight but like any other quick fix scheme, they put the weight straight back on afterward. Much better to learn good habits and stick to them, and it gives you a sense of pride that way because you really WORKED for it.

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10/4/12 5:09 A

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced by the placenta of a developing fetus. It is what they test for to determine if a woman is pregnant, and high levels of the hormone are associated with mild weight loss in early pregnancy, due to a variety of complex factors including its interactions with leptins in body fat--putatively, it may act to aid in the breakdown of adipose tissue, which I think has something to do with ketogenesis and fetal brain metabolism...but that's complicated and outside the scope of this discussion. It can also make a mother nauseous, along with elevated estrogens, which can lead to weight loss.

Here's the thing, though: exogenous HCG is NOT biologically viable; your own body won't recognize the hormone if it is neither human, nor your own, due to the arrangement of amino acid sequences on the surface of its molecules. It's actually completely illegal to sell the human variant, and no "DOCTOR" would ever, ever prescribe it:

Homeopaths are 100% NOT DOCTORS. Homeopathic treatments are based entirely on pseudoscience, with principles including the notion that diluting the concentration of a chemical makes it stronger (um, hello? chemistry?). So HUGE congratulations are due to your sister, who has lost all of that weight wholly as a function of her own hard work, a low-calorie diet, and the well-documented placebo effect. If you want advice for holistic approaches to healthcare, see a naturopath--a real doctor with an MD, and additional training in advanced biological concepts.

PLEASE do some reading from reputable sources instead of gambling with your health by taking the advice of salespeople and strangers on the internet. Not only are some of these non-medical diet products completely ineffective and a waste of money, but they can be incredibly dangerous. If there was an easy solution, there would be no obesity and everyone would be thin, but proper diet and exercise are genuinely the only way to lose weight. Good luck and work hard, and don't sacrifice your health searching for an easy solution.

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hcg, pro-anorexia, self-harm etc... are not supported on Sparks so maybe, that's why there is no recent history...

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10/3/12 9:46 P

I haven't been on here in a while , but I will get back. I came on tonight to ask all of you out there your thoughts/answers to HCG. I've seen posts about it in the past and didn't see any in the recent history, so I thought I'd create my own. My sister-in-law has been using a homeopathic version of Hcg that her doctor supposedly prescribed to her and she's now lost 40lbs. She looks great. I'm intrigued, but scared at the same time. I wanted to get some thoughts from anyone here who's tried it, or what the real deal is. Thanks!!

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