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1/26/11 1:29 P

I'd just start to drink (more) Guinness Stout. emoticon

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1/26/11 10:41 A

I just noticed on your Sparkpage you've switched to a raw vegan diet. With your activity level and labored work, its probably is going to be tough for you to get enough calories. Personally, I think you'll need/want to eat some animal proteins.

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1/26/11 10:36 A

Adding peanut butter to smoothies will help. Bananas and peanut butter go well together, apples aren't too bad, but I'm sure on other fruits or how your making your smoothies. If you use a protein shake, vanilla and chocolate are both good with peanut butter and 2 scoops of whey isolate and 2tbsp peanut butter will be about 450-500 calories.

Nuts boost calories quick. Have 1/2c unsalted peanuts or 30 almonds and that will give you a quick 300 extra calories or so. You could have the nuts mid-morning/afternoon as a snack with some yogurt you've kept in a cooler or a piece of string cheese. That would put you around 400-450 calories total for your snack.

You could make a bunch of salmon and put it in containers to take with you to eat with some triscuits or other cracker. Cook the salmon in 1tbsp of olive oil. That would be about 500 calories. I use tuna because its easier. You can get pouches of tuna and throw it on some crackers pretty easily. Obviously if its really hot your going to need to pack a cooler with an ice pack.

There's 1,000 extra calories a day you can add pretty easily. Fruit doesn't really have a lot of calories, but it might help you feel full.

Hopefully some of that helps.

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1/26/11 7:11 A

Apparently your comment of "any advice or suggestions are welcome" wasn't all true. I offered suggestions and you have chosen to read into them as you will. I never said to over indulge in fat. In fact, I said max out your fat at what YOU find acceptable. So if that's 20%, then that's even lower than the daily recommended portion. And at that, I offered healthy fat suggestions. Not refined carbs, sugars, or junk food.

You are asking for something that is quite hard to come up with. Your requirements are for high calories, healthy, balanced, and all in a very small package. Since you are at your wits end with suggestions from every where else, maybe you should realize such a meal may not exist.

You are right, guys eat more calories. But guess what, they aren't too concerned about if it's in a very small volume. I know PLENTY laborers are in phenomenal shape and hardly fat or overweight. They eat lots of calories, they eat often, and they eat big meals. When it's all said and done, you have to be willing to COMPROMISE. If you want healthy and balanced all in one meal, it probably going to be lower in calories than your body needs, or you're just going to have to eat more.

You're also right about SparkRecipes being lower calorie meals. This is a site geared towards healthy living and 99% of the people here are trying to lose weight. Do you see a trend here? Healthy eating tends to involve lower calories. If you don't want to eat more volume of food, and you don't want to eat more often, you're going to be stuck with your smoothies and maybe a couple other choices that apparently no one on SparkPeople has mentioned yet.

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1/26/11 6:13 A

Oh, and I have looked thru sparkrecipes and other recipe sites, and healthy recipes tend to be about 400 cals on average. Perfect for a desk jockey but not a laborer.

Maybe that is why so many laberors are fat - because to get enough fuel they have to turn to garbage food?

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1/26/11 6:09 A

Well, I am very confused.

I know men need more calories than women to still lose weight, but I never heard they have to over indulge in fat to get there.

I do well at 30% fat, I can irregularly get up to 40%, but I don't feel well beyond around 30%. And I am rather high protein, aiming for 140g per day. Less than 110 and I am bonkers.

Again, I know men need more calories than women, and men tend to burn more calories on top of that as they are most often the carpenters, painters, and handymen.

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1/25/11 11:22 P

The fact is, to get "a heck of a lot of calories in a really small volume", you're going to HAVE to max out your fat intake to what you feel acceptable. From there you're going to have to pick and choose what you consider small volume.

If you're looking for meal ideas I would suggest searching through the SparkRecipe site. Given your requirements of small meal, healthy, high calories, low to average fat, you are the one who's going to know what is acceptable. Hopefully some guy can chime in with the perfect recipe for you. But keep in mind, MOST people in SparkPeople are trying to lose weight, thus aren't going to have many meal ideas that fit your criteria.

There certainly guys around here who can offer you high calorie meal ideas. The weight litters all eat a ton, but ts rarely "balanced". It's usually geared toward high protein for muscle development.

Good luck. Sorry I was no help.

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1/25/11 11:01 P

I don't want to just "add calories". I could do that a lot of ways.

I want to be healthful about it - and I find about 30% max fat is best for me. I do get that through things like nuts, seeds, coconut, coconut butter, flax oil, etc. in my smoothies, avocados in my bean and rice burritos as a for instance.

I eat much more than 30% fat and I feel sluggish and, well, I can't think of the word for it, but I feel very weighed down and uncomfortable.

I need high calorie healthy balanced meal ideas.

Just saying ... I need things proportionally in balance - just need a heck of a lot of calories in a really small volume ... but balanced nutritionally.

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1/25/11 10:50 P

Easiest way to add calories is with high calorie HEALTHY food. Most of them will be higher in fats, but they're the "good fats".

Any kind of nut...peanut, almond, walnut, etc is high in calories and healthy if eat them raw, or roasted with little/no oil or salt.

Cook your dinner with olive oil...adds 120 calories in a tablespoon and is good for you.

Avocados are great for you and offer higher calories.

Peanut butter is fantastic as well. You can even add the peanut butter to your smoothies if you still want to eat the smoothies.

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1/25/11 10:11 P

I hate to intrude into the guy's realm, but I need some help and I'm not getting it in regular channels.

Bottom line is I'm highly active with physical labor (yep, a girl handyman, whaddya know) and I'm burning upwards of 3,000 calories a day, sometimes more.

I know most women need meals between 300-500 calories, but I need more like 600-1000 calories. When I do smoothies, my breakfast smoothie is 1200 calories, my lunch smoothie is 800 calories, my dinner is more like 700 calories, and I do have snacks ... but still, I'm not getting enough food and losing weight way the heck too fast.

So, I'm coming here to ask for ideas because 1) I'm not meeting calorie targets, and 2) I don't want to just eat smoothies forever, and 3) when the temperature is 50 degrees or less I just don't want smoothies.

I know guys need more food, more calories, and I'm wondering if any of you can help me out with this. This has been a problem for about 5 months now, and I'm at my wits' end trying to solve this on my own.

I could do the junk food thing, fast food, to meet calorie needs, but I know it's not good nutritionally, and way the heck too high fat and refined carbs.

So, any advice, suggestions, would be very welcome.

Actually, the truth is while I do snack - it's the second half of my breakfast or lunch smoothie, because I can't eat/drink 4 cups of smoothie in one go.

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