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9/18/11 6:29 A


FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,185
9/16/11 10:30 A

Oh Ladies Room. I thought you meant a message board, not a Spark Team.

I am one who sometimes posts in the Guy's Lounge.

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
9/16/11 10:30 A

I stay out of the Guy's Lounge since it is, after all, intended for men. But I don't exactly fit the stereotypical image of women, either: I despise shopping malls and I think belching and fart jokes are funny. :X

9/16/11 10:24 A

Heartstopper has made it clear that no men are allowed to join The Ladies Room but of course anyone can join but I wouldn't break that rule since she's my buddy.

In the Guy's Lounge we have a few 'regulars' that chime in (women that is). The only time I had a problem with it was several years ago a lady was posting on threads she felt were not gentlman-like and scolded us,....well, ok,.....ME specifically, LOL! Other than that I'm okay with women chiming in (though I must admit I'll give them a hard time just to see if they can handle the raunchiness of the room, hahahaha).

In real life my women friends far out number my men friends by 10:1 (estimate, could be higher).


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9/16/11 9:57 A

KJ, We have one called The Ladies Room...What do you think about women who go into the mens lounge team and join?

9/16/11 9:20 A

You're in it!

9/16/11 9:16 A

Is there a woman's lounge?

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9/7/11 1:00 P


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9/7/11 11:49 A

Hey man, I think it is great you guys a place to hang out.. The guy's lounge is like the guys locker room..
Women should respect it.. emoticon

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9/7/11 11:43 A

Yes, I know there is one but I opt to stay out of there even though other ladies say they are in there.

9/7/11 11:13 A

Yup, right here:

Now you can bother OTHER women's husbands, too!


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