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SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
3/1/13 11:13 A

It's a marathon, not a sprint! lol Just had to get that in there.

I just skipped a day yesterday myself. I've a had a bit of a cold and it's been bothering my asthma, I had been trying to push through it for a few days, but just gave in. Once I decided to just rest, I couldn't believe the level of fatigue that set in. I don't even know how many hours I ended up sleeping yesterday.

And I can tell you how much better I feel today, though I'm not going to kill myself today in the gym since I'm still not 100%. Exercise is a stressor to the body and so is illness. You keep pushing throughout it, you just end up getting really sick and missing lots of days. I was finishing up school last fall and did just that. I ended up with the worst case of bronchitis I had in ages and was barely able to breathe, much less exercise, for weeks.

You sound very committed, not an excuse-maker. Trust your gut and listen to your body. We often forget how many amazing changes take place during rest. If you keep pushing, your body has no time to repair and you are actually sabotaging your efforts. One day off, just like one day of poor food choices, every once in awhile is not going to ruin your progress.

SAAR42 Posts: 130
3/1/13 10:56 A

You said, "I just have a cough that kindof comes up with harder efforts."

If exercise is exacerbating your cough, then it won't hurt to try a lighter day. It's okay to train through a head cold, NOT a chest cold. Take today off, or just do a lighter workout, and re-evaluate tomorrow. I find taking 2-3 days off does not affect my performance. More than that and I can feel it.

HEAT04 Posts: 116
2/28/13 3:14 P

It sounds like 9 out of 10 times you are out there, working out and training for your marathon. On the days you need the extra rest, you just feel guilty. I think you need to not be so hard on yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't have a fever, you still don't feel great. Rest is rest.

Keep working hard with your marathon training, but take it easy on being so hard on yourself!

ADI80ADI1 SparkPoints: (18)
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Posts: 6
2/28/13 1:55 P

These are all great suggestions! My problem is that I never know when I am making an excuse and when I am legitimately listening to my body. I have a really high thresh-hold for discomfort and push myself pretty hard, so when I skip workouts I feel like I am just being lazy. It is not as though I am really sick or have a fever, I just have a little cough. It is frustrating that I don't know what the line is between taking needed, legitimate rest and just making excuses to sleep in.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
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Posts: 3,415
2/28/13 1:24 P

When you are conditioned to workout regularly it's not just a psychological issue but a physical one. Running generates a lot of endorphins that help produce serotonin and that makes you feel great. I would do something requiring low energy or something that gives you some endorphins such as watch a happy movie, drink hot chocolate, eat chocolate or take a warm bath. Don't forget the chicken soup! emoticon

FIT_DAISHA Posts: 44
2/28/13 1:07 P

I usually feel guilty after skipping a day of my workout... But I also know that I have to listen to my body. I have had a minor cold this week but worked out through it. There have been other times when I was just too sick to work out. You know your body and you know if you are making an excuse to not workout or if you really need the rest to recuperate. If you need the rest then you should rest. I hope this helps! emoticon

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
2/28/13 11:44 A

Rest and sleep is absolutely essential for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Don't feel guilty when you get some when you need it.

I have never trained for a marathon, but I imagine the fact that you've been training for the past three days while not feeling 100% is awesome.

AMYLT29 SparkPoints: (2,167)
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Posts: 63
2/28/13 11:24 A

First, you have to take care of yourself.
Second, a day off won't hurt you. I had 4, yes, 4! days off this past weekend. I hated it with a passion, I thought I'd restart and have to build up my strength and tolerance - not at all! I had strained a muscle in my back in my sleep somehow (I'm an active sleeper and twisted my shoulders but didn't let my hips follow) and couldn't move, I mean I was literally in tears from it. I jumped right back up on the wagon though and got a move on it as soon as I was feeling better.
Third, once you have some energy, it is okay to go to the gym and "sweat out the cold." Don't overkill it, your body may be telling you that YOU NEED TO REST or you won't get better.

Hope you feel better soon, don't beat yourself up over this! :)

2/28/13 11:09 A

10 minutes of any kind of exercise is better than not doing any exercise.

ADI80ADI1 SparkPoints: (18)
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Posts: 6
2/28/13 11:08 A

Hey all-

I am very active, training for a marathon and lifting weights. I started getting a little cough on Sunday and trained through it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I decided to sleep in and skip my run. The problem is that now I feel incredibly guilty. I am not actually that sick and don't feel that bad, I just have a cough that kindof comes up with harder efforts. I feel like maybe I am not committed enough, because I have read that it is OK to train through a cold. What are your thoughts? Do you train through a cold? How many days do you take off?

It is too late to make up my run, but should I go to the gym and do a light workout or just write the whole day off? I am not sure what the line is between being cautious and over-reacting.

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