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LISAS1980 Posts: 936
6/24/10 4:06 A

yeah we all miss a day and it does feel crappy and you feel guilty about it. It's especially bad if you had an off day with your calories as well. That happened to me last week where it was someone's birthday on Friday, then I had a date (which ofcourse you couldn't sit there and pick on a salad in front of him or else he'll think you're a freak), then it was father's day this Sunday and my mom yeah at least you didn't have an off day with your food intake. I felt super crappy but now I'm back on track so no worries...

KICKINGIT Posts: 179
6/24/10 2:03 A

Don't feel bad, we all do it and your body NEEDS a day off anyway....I have not worked out in a week. I have been too busy and now that things are slowing down tonight i will get back at it. just don't give up and you will do awsome.

NELYGIRL24 Posts: 23
6/23/10 9:45 P

Don't feel too bad, we all miss a day sometimes, but as long as you eat good and exercise the next day it will all be ok =)

6/23/10 7:38 P

I get where you're coming from. I struggle with the same feelings. But I, too, try to offset it on other days and just make sure that my eating is clean when I can't workout.

Keep with it!

DYA177 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/23/10 7:13 P

I understand what you are saying about feeling guilty. Today I did not exercise and I'm feeling guilty, but I also know that I'm within my calories range and I watch what I eat more on the days that I do not exercise.

6/23/10 7:02 P


If you can't exercise because it's bad weather, you're too sick, or some other important, unpreventable circumstance - then don't feel guilty! Your mental health matters too, and you shouldn't be ragging on yourself when life gets in the way.

On the other hand, guilt IS useful and important in human psychology. If you skip exercise for the lightest excuse, then yes, you should feel guilty for awhile. That way you'll try to avoid feeling the same way later.

FAYESFOTO Posts: 155
6/23/10 5:40 P

I try not to feel guilty because I exercise enough on other day!!!

LADYDI0408 Posts: 64
6/23/10 5:37 P

Not to worry, just go out tomorrow and work out. Life does get in the way, if I don't have a chance to work out I just try to do at least something that day. Good luck!

6/23/10 5:35 P

If I miss an exercise session (like today), I feel very guilty about it. Do you? Do you feel horrible, or cut yourself some slack?

I exercise more the next day to hopefully compensate a little bit for my negligence. Today I wanted to go outside but it rained really hard, and I wear glasses, so couldn't go outside (wouldn't have been able to see through the rain on my glasses).

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