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3/31/13 10:42 A

Good stuff! Did someone say bacon..... isnt that bad for you

3/29/13 8:34 P

My weekly list always includes the following:
sweet potatoes
spinach/ mixed greans
veggie burgers (I buy Luna Burgers unless they're out of them- then I get Amy's)
wholly guacamole 100 cal packs
frozen broccoli
small block of tillamook cheddar
black beans
a few Amy's frozen burritos or frozen meals for times when I don't have time to cook

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3/29/13 12:39 P

One breakfast I like is eggbeaters with spinach, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes scrambled together. I also like nonfat Meijer cottage cheese (the only type I've found I like) on a piece of 35 calorie bread (toasted) with fruit on top; nuitrigrain waffles with nonfat ricotta cheese (I find only at Marsh) and fresh fruit topping...

Some lunches I like include:
a low cal wheat tortilla with spinach, onion, tomato and Hillshire Farms ultra-thin ham or turkey with mustard or Weight Watchers light whipped cream cheese

1 pc 35 cal bread with 1Tbsp peanut butter and a piece of fruit

A salad with lettuce or spinach, onion, green snap peas, radish, tomato, green pepper, broccoli, raw turnip,,,and Bolthouse Farms dressings that have 45 or fewer cal for two tablespoons

Good suppers can be:
black beans with onion, green or red peppers over brown rice

baked white potato with broccoli, mushrooms, tomato, etc and salsa or lite sour cream

Hebrew national hotdog or Morningstar veggie burger on low cal bread or bun with pickles or olives on the side and a salad etc

an ultra thin cheese sandwich on low cal bread grilled with butter flavored spray with broccoli or brussels sprouts on the side

3/29/13 12:23 P

Avocados are great fat and you can turn into pudding with just a little maple syrup and cocoa powder! Also stock up on any fruits and veggies you enjoy, but there are some that are better than others. For instance, kale, parsley and cucumbers all have super food powers!

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3/29/13 11:16 A

Buy a bag of frozen mixed veggies (I like the asian mix). You can add some to soups, stews, stir fries, or just steam them as a side dish.

3/29/13 11:15 A

All good choices!!

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3/29/13 11:02 A

Here is my grocery list and may help you with the ideas you asked for...

Skim Milk, Daisy Cottage cheese, Benocal for a spread, Smuckers low sugar jelly, Peanut butter or Almond Butter, "All Whites" egg whites because the are fluffy, onions, green peppers or red peppers, Jimmy Dean Turkey sausages, Rye Bread because it helps keep me full, corn Tacos, salsa, low fat sour cream,

Berries of all kinds, peaches, pears, plums, apples, tangerines. Broccoli, green beans, baby carrots, matchstick carrots, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce has lots of vitamins and nutrients, Radishes, slivered almonds, walnuts, black olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( healthy fats) Vinegar to mix with the oil for my salads. Oscar Mayer Family Size shaved Turkey, 97% Fat Free Hebrew National Hot Dogs because of no fillers and preservatives, popcorn the kind you have to pop and I top it with a sprinkle of cinnamon, Romano or Parm.

Sweet Potatoes,and tomatoes. Fresh baby spinach.

Chicken, ground turkey 99% fat free by Jennie O to make chili, tukey burgers, taco filling, a hormel garlic and onion pork roast
Gorton's Grilled Garlic & lemon Filets
Gorton's Talapia ,Swanson Boneless Chicken
I make Shrimp Scampi...some olive oil, garlic and shrimp

Pork loin, Kashi Pilaf, Brown rice, Barley, black beans, Fage 0% plain Greek yogurt and I use berries to sweeten, Kashi 7 whole grain puffs, and puffed rice

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3/29/13 10:52 A

A typical grocery list for my family of 4 looks like this.

I buy meat at a local farm every 2-3 weeks.

1 Roasting chicken
1 Eye of round roast
Box of Chicken breasts
5 lbs Ground beef
2 lbs Ground pork
3 lbs bacon

I buy my milk from my farmer once a week.

1 gallon whole milk
1 quart heavy cream

At the grocery store 1-2 times a week I get.

Green beans
Carrots x 2
Sweet potatoes
Yellow potatoes
Green onions

Apples x 2 bags

Salmon canned
Tomatoes canned
Cold pressed EVOO

Eggs x 4 dozen
Plain yogurt
Cultured butter

Edited to add- Eggs! How could I forget the eggs?!

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3/29/13 10:50 A

My grocery list usually includes:

-Lots of Fruit
-Light Yogurt
-Low-Fat Granola
(I like to mix yogurt, fruit, and granola for a healthy yogurt parfait!)

-Cage-Free Eggs
-Whole Wheat Toast
-Low-Cal(Reduced Sugar) Jam
(This is for eggs and toast)

-Smart-Food White Chedder Popcorn
-Natural AppleSauce
-Low Fat Cheese Sticks
(Healthy snacks)

-Boxed Coscous
-Healthy-Heart Soup
-Special K Chocolate Cereal (Perfect for chocolate Cravings)
-Skim Milk

-Plenty of Vegetables
-Low Fat Ranch Dressing
-Feta Cheese
(The best salad ever!)

-Frozen Yogurt
-All-Natural Frozen Fruit Pops
-Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

3/29/13 10:42 A

Instant oatmeal makes a good breakfast. Just stay away from the sugary kinds.
Greek yogurt is tasty and filling.
Sugar-free popsicles are a great treat!

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3/29/13 10:38 A

Is there any other kind emoticon ? Those are the ones I get every time!

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3/29/13 10:31 A

For the carrot part.... can i get those baby crunchy carrots

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3/29/13 10:29 A

I was debating on how to respond to this and thought it might be helpful if some people posted their shopping list as an example. Yesterday my list looked like this:

-spinach (I put this in my sandwiches, egg white/beaters, tuna, etc)
-carrots (something I can munch on all day and not worry about it)
-Krusteaz whole wheat pancake mix (I like to make protein pancakes some mornings)
-Canned tuna and chicken breast
-Salsa (to mix with my tuna, veggies, and eggs)
-PB2 (powdered peanutbutter that only costs you 45 calories!)
-Edamame (high protein snack!)
-Egg beaters (sometimes egg whites)
-Buffalo Chicken Sausage (Only 70 calories per sausage!)

I think that was the gist of my list yesterday...I also bought some shampoo, but that may be a little irrelevant!

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3/29/13 10:01 A

As you know i am trying to lose a little bit of weight. i weigh now 158.40 and i am a 19 year old male.. I am going shopping to get healthy foods and stuff after work.. What should i get to help me lose some weight and stuff... I dont like certain vegetables but i do the broccoli with cheese (maybe i should take away the cheese eh) What items should i get.... I need to know what items i should get to make healthy breakfast lunch dinner and maybe dessert..... I like certain types of seafood also........ please help if you can.... thank you

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