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Thanks for the link Becky :) I'd found similar info in the link I post. Maybe a better question would be under which category would grilling the burger over a typical charcoal grill where I'm sure at least some of the fat drips off into the coals would be closest too? Patty broiled, patty pan-broiled, loaf baked, or crumbles pan-browned? Seems all the information I can ever find is for cooking methods with a stove, But 90% of the time I'm eating burger its done on an outdoor grill.

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This is an awesome link. Thanks!

5/8/13 3:31 P

Use the USDA ground beef calculator. You can enter the type of ground beef and the cooking method used to get the nutrition info:

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Short version is I'm wondering how much of the fat cooks off burgers when you grill them?

With summer right around the corner, I'm wondering how much fat is left in say a 4oz raw portion of those crappy but cheap 75/25 walmart patties that are originally 330 cals, 28g fat and 19g protein. When I'm grilling myself, I'll get at least the 85% lean when its on sale, but when going other places It'd be nice to know what I'm actually consuming

I found this study

Which is some great news when it comes to making tacos or pasta with meat sauce where you brown the burger into crumbles on the stove, but it doesn't address the cooking method of grilling over charcoal. Anyone found a study for that? Like I said, it'd just be nice to accurately track so I know what those two burgers, few chips and a beer barbeques actually are

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