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Just know that supplements are not regulated by the FDA and this includes dietary supplements including greens powder, therefore you may not be getting all that you bargain for. Also note that there are so many advantages to eating 'real' food that we can't get when we get our calorie/nutrients sources from a supplement. Lastly, the body can only metabolize so much protein at one time so eating more than what the body can handle at that time will be stored as fat.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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Greens Powder:

I have not developed the discipline for meal planning, and for loosing weight, quick simple and easy works for me.

I like smoothy shakes, using two scoops organic protein powder, handful of frozen strawberries, or mixed berries, water, stevia, but no greens anything.

I have used powdered greens in the past, and wonder if it is even worth it?

After talking with vegetarians who have used powdered greens, and then got off the powdered greens, they felt they felt no better or worse after the fact.

For me, my body demands high protein. I have tried doing the paleo diet, and I need more carbs to mentally function.

Your thoughts on a well rounded protein shake for weight loss, and a full feeling?

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